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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Royal Flusher's Lucky Seven Vegas Sex Phrases

And now, as stated in the title, Royal Flusher's Lucky Seven Vegas Sex Phrases.

Bellagio Las Vegas Fountains

1. Hitting the Jackpot

How much more obvious could a euphemism be???

2. Playing the one-armed bandit

When your lady gives you a helping hand.

3. Let's go upstairs and 'cut the cards' baby!

Don't be so crude, no one would ever say anything like this.

4. 78 ball keno game.

An unattractive date. She's a 78 ball keno game. (Everyone knows that 80 balls are required for a full game of keno).

5. Whites, reds, greens and blacks

Performing every possible sexual position. From the range of chip denominations - whites ($1), reds ($5), greens ($25), blacks ($100).

Hey man we did the whites, reds, greens and blacks last night!

6. Coin Dropper

An elderly Vegas hooker, under the influence of two extra decades of gravity.

7. Double Zero

You are not getting any sex with me tonight because you lost all our money playing way over your head, and refusing to quit, having too many drinks, leaving me waiting at the restaurant while you drained the ATM, and lost even more of our money you incredible dumbass.

I would like to point out that this last description is a fabrication, not anything that happened around September 25th of this year at Main Street Station.

You figure it out.

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