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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some help for El Presidente of Binions

While I am awaiting what will no doubt be a very detailed and heart felt reply from the Binion's Ranch Butterknife Steakhouse manager, I thought I would do a little research to help out both El Presidente of Binions and the B.R.B.S. manager, since keeping the restaurant stocked with cutlery has proved tricky for them.

I think it is asking a lot for an eatery which touts itself as a 'steakhouse' to actually have on hand enough implements for patrons of said establishment, should it become busy, to carve off bite-size portions of steak, just prior to shoving them into their salivating gobs. Who could predict that such an establishment could, at some times, find itself 'busy'???

Somewhat near the B.R.B.S. is an establishment called Resco.

In their words, "our gigantic facilities include showrooms and warehousing... make RESCO/CRESCO one of the largest independent restaurant supply companies in the west."

Perhaps in the coming days and weeks (if things aren't too busy), the manager of the B.R.B.S. can get his snowshoes on, load up a backpack full of pemmican and bottled water, and make his way towards RESCO.

I hope he has plenty of beaver pelts and baubly beads to trade the peoples of RESCO because they are known to drive a hard bargain for their restauranteering supplies.

To wit.

One little beauty has a wooden handle, cuts steak (thus the moniker "steak knife"), and costs $10.99 per dozen.

I know its asking a lot to spend such a ridiculous sum on a steak knife (I mean really, one dollar per knife, when you are charging only $40 for a steak???).

So, may I also propose that with some careful wheeling and dealing, and skillful negotiation, perhaps said B.R.B.S. manager could land a deal on some of the knives pictured below - which, granted, have a little less 'elan' than the wooden handled model pictured above (but still wayyyy more 'elan' than the completely 'elan'-less plastic-handled model, which is totally not in keeping with Steak Knives, the Royal Flusher Way).

Dear loyal followers of this blog, I give you, the 'Value wood handle steak knife' at a princely $3.59 per dozen.

Perhaps we should take up a collection and send one or two dozen knives to the B.R.B.S. just to help them out of this difficult, difficult steak knife shortage.


    1. I have a couple of steak knives in the drawer (with elanfull wooden handles) that I wouldn't mind donating to Binions. Do you think they'd get over the border okay in a padded envelope?

    2. Imagine this same lack of supplies happening during a heart transplant..."Oh No! we are all out of hearts, and his old one is already in the cafeteria, shucks"

    3. The thing is, you gotta have the right tools for the job. I saw a butcher's knife recently that would take your head off. The butcher used it to slice (picture this!) a medium sized pumpkin in half!


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