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Thursday, October 1, 2009

That's Winning to Me!

I have a coupon for $10 off a one hour 'table shower'. We have spent significant effort trying to figure out just what this would entail. A table. Some sort of shower. Probably a young female attendant.

After that I'm kind of baffled. Why would it take an hour? How much more desirable is it to shower in a prone position than it is standing up? Are there TV screens available to help you pass the hour? What do the 'happy ending' add-on bonuses have to do with the showering aspect of this activity? Only in Vegas can you find Ethel M chocolates, machine gun shooting, and table showering discount coupons all in the same booklet.

I am having such a hard time with 3-of-a-kinds still. I may change my name to '3 Ace Flusher' because that's all I ever seem to end up with.

We had a good run at Binions this morning with lot of drinks and two quads. It was good in the sense that it lasted almost 2 hours, not in the sense that we actually won anything.

At least we got to name a new video poker hand. The full house 10 4 10 4 10 - is now called a 'Convoy', good buddy.

I dropped down quite a bit and went into targeted small win mode where you try to eke out some profit with each 20. I clawed back $20 at the Fitz on DDB and then anothe 20 on deuces. I had been down $150 and made it back up to being only $50 down.

"You're improving," said Mrs. F.

"So, I'm winning?"


"I'm winning. You know, winning. I'm a winner?"

"You're not losing as badly."

"That's winning to me!"

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