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Sunday, October 4, 2009

United Contined...

Fremont Street Experience Las Vegas Club
Bye Bye Fremont Street
Well, we did indeed need to rebook Mrs. F's flight from Toronto to Flusherville because the UA flight from Chi-town was almost 3 hours late.

Fortunately we were able to get it sorted and after a 13 day fun-filled trip, part of which I remember, we are home again.

Thanks for riding along!

Still have to deal with Binions and see about a room comp. And Presidential screwed up our limo reservation changes. Originally we had a return trip web special with a stretch, and a second one-way sedan for me.

I cancelled the sedan.

But the sedan was what showed up to take us to the airport and I had to give a credit card for the ride - so I might get dinged for 3 rides and not 2.

Why can't people follow simple instructions? Oh who am I kidding, people have problems with anything more complicated than an elevator, and many peeps can't even handle that.

Don't believe me? Just watch and see how many dumbasses press the wrong floor or can't find the 'door open' button in time to prevent a potentially limb-severing elevator door accident.

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