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Friday, October 2, 2009

Video Poker Expletives!!

Took a last bash at the Double Double Bonus before bed and played into the end of my stake for the day and look what popped up.

Four Freakin' Aces dealt to me!!!!!!! The fifth card was a 9 so as it stood the hand was worth $200. I held all four Aces and drew for the kicker.

SCORE - a deuce, and a cool $500. And I am done for the day and up on the day $150, the largest daily result of the trip for me. And my largest win of the trip.

What a rush to get that kicker! I almost uttered an expletive!

What a rush getting dealt Aces, and drawing for the kicker!


    1. Sweeeet, beautiful! Last time i hit 4 aces with a kicker was on Jacks or Better, ugh, shoot me!

      Awesome hit. You never get tired of those, how about the $300 card on the draw, hahaha! Last year at Excalibur, i was playing Triple Double bonus and got deal 4 aces, and pulled the kicker, so I can relate to your euphoria.

      Way to go, keep it going--VP MIRACLE

    2. Miracle, I believe the last time I hit that hand was at the Excalibur on the old progressive bank in the west wing of the casino. Had to be 7 or 9 years ago!


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