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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Las Vegas Random Notes

Exclusive Sapphire (slightly less loser) Status!!!

During the last trip, you may recall that apparently I am not a good enough gambler to be invited to Main Street Station's Video Poker Tournament and Free Money Extravaganzas.

(But Mrs. Flusher is.)

Well, we hopefully remedied that situation by having me (just me, no one else, in particular, not Mrs. Flusher) play heavily on my Boyd B-Connected Ruby players card. (aka Loser Card).

And, I did make it through the 30,000 pernt barrier to become the proud owner of a Boyd B-Connected Sapphire players card (aka Slightly Less of a Loser Card).

But so far, my offers haven't improved at all, while the VP tourney and Slot tourney offers continue to pour in for Mrs. Flusher.

Surely I have proven my worth to the bookkeepers of Main Street Station!!!

Binion's Ranch Butterknife Steakhouse Lurch

I have been left in the lurch in the Butterknife Steakhouse Affair. As written earlier, El Presidente of Binion's wrote me that the Butterknife Steakhouse Manager would contact me.

That was about a month ago.

I've given up.

The email also said to ask for him when I check in next time - I wonder what that would be like???

Four Queens

I've stayed at the Four Queens about ten times. There's a lot of good things about this downtown property - pretty good drink service, the always exuberant Jay at the Player's Club Booth, some playable VP, good food at Magnolia's, clean rooms, great downtown location.

Just about every time we're there though, we almost cry with frustration at the suck-hole crappy music they play in the casino.

I usually express this sentiment in a more formal way in one of their "Tell Us How We're Doing" comment cards, addressed directly to the Hotel Manager.


There is another bad problem in the Four Queen's Casino.

The casino now smells like fart spray.

You know that icky floral spray you can get that you put in the bathroom so that when one of your dinner guests has to retire temporarily to entertain a visit from the Major (you know... Major Dumperooski) and when they are done, they can fill the bathroom with the sickly sweet cloying musky putrid heavy nose-crushing odor of fake cheesy perfumy strawberries in a futile attempt to mask the green cloud they've let erupt into the confines of the tiny bathroom?

That's the exact scent they have chosen to pump into the casino.

There is approximately 1093 times too much of this scent. It is like shoving one of those urinal pucks up your nose. And some of the staff there report having allergy problems and headaches from this stupid chemical onslaught.

I reflected this in my usual calm, objective manner in my feedback card: YOUR CASINO REEEEEEEEEEKS!!!!! GET RID OF THE HORRID FAKE STRAWBERRY URINAL FART SPRAY SMELL!!!!!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEZ I AM DYING!!!!!! MY NOSE BURRRRRRRRNNNZ!!!!

Well, the wonderful management at the Four Queen's has replied and I can tell that they are really taking my complaints seriously!!!!!

I received a letter the other day from the Senior Executive Director of Operations and in part it reads:

"In your case, the high standards we set for our staff and property were compromised." (No, you play sucky music and you stink.)

"For that, we apologize for not providing the outstanding guest experience you deserve." (Does this include... umm... AIR??? for BREATHING???)

"We would appreciate another opportunity blah blah blah... Please be our guest any time through December 2009 and stay at the special rate of $25 per night Sunday through Thursday and $49 per night Friday and Saturday."

Uh, I think I'll use the free nights you send me each month instead, thank you very much.

It's obvious that this is a computer generated letter. It's identical to the four others I've gotten in the past, none of which have mentioned the specific concerns I outlined.

It's hard to find a perfect casino, but it's worse when they do stupid things that turn off their regular customers.

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    1. Totally agree...especially where Venetian is concerned. It is like hitting a WALL of perfume!!!!


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