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Sunday, November 15, 2009

You gotta play it by the gut

As an aloof, edgy, 'by the gut' player, I like to spend very little time or effort looking at what happened last year, last month, last week, yesterday, last night, a couple of hours ago, a couple of minutes ago when I mistakenly put salt in my coffee instead of sugar - DUMBASS! - or even a couple of seconds ago when I started to type up this blog entry.

But when I do look backwards, I do it with the kind of edgy, aloof, 'by the gut' approach you would expect of a degenerate connoisseur gambler such as myself.

This edgy 'throw caution to the wind' stance is a key component of The Royal Flusher Way.

So, I entered some of the rough notes I took on our recent jaunt to Las Vegas into a very edgy, 'by the gut' spreadsheet program on the WinSimulator 3000 Featuring WinPoker. You may have heard of it - its called 'Excel'.

I ran some of the notes into the number grinder feature and came up with a couple of aloof, edgy observations that I will share below.

On this two week trip, The Quad Queen nailed a total of 74 Quads on Video Poker (plus six wild royals and two Straights Flush). Even though it seemed like I was having a better trip due to her poor initial results, she came on strong later on.

I managed a total of 60 Quads (plus 9 wild royals and five Straights Flush). Oh yeah. One of those happened to be a Royal Straight Flush. So I out-gambled the QQ once again in monetary terms.

Have you ever thought that you seem to get more quads holding 2 cards than holding three? I myself had a streak of over 115 consecutive failed attempts to get a quad from 3-of-a-kind on this trip.

I had Jimmy Poon's Excel program massage the data for a couple of days and it came up with these edgy stats.

Quads on the redeal - 0
Quads holding 1 card: 3 - not very many of those. I once got four Aces holding a 10. That's another story.
Quads holding 2 cards: 65
Quads holding 3 cards: 59
Quads holding 4 cards: 16 - dealt quads. I had a couple of dealt Straights Flush too. Very edgy!!!

So in this case, my theory held - more quads came from 2 cards held than any other combination.

I was interested in the distribution of hands so I did a seat-of-the-pants fly-by-night rough estimate:

2222: 6
3333: 8
4444: 15
5555: 12
6666: 8
7777: 10
8888: 6
9999: 9
10s: 12
JJJJ: 12
QQQQ: 11
KKKK: 14
AAAA: 11

Interesting that of 2s, 3s, and 4s, the 4s were much more prevalent, even though 2s had a premium when we were playing Deuces Wild.

We certainly got our fair share of Aces this trip, it looks like.

Finally, I did an aloof assessment of our Main Street Station Scratch cards.

We got 26 scratch cards worth $2.
Only 4 were worth $3.
And one (mine, RFW) was worth a whopping $5.


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