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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Curse of Ron Lancaster Lives

How could it be that half of my favorite Saskatchewan Roughrider pair of players (23 Ron Lancaster, 34 George Reed) would come back to haunt me one more time? Ron Lancaster, I thought you loved me, as much as I loved you.

The 9 point underdog 'Riders (on whom I had a 6:1 $10 bet) led through the entire Grey Cup against Montreal.

Even as there was no time on the clock they were ahead.

But at that point, the winning kick for a field goal was in the air and the 'Riders lost 28 to 27.

In the previous play, Montreal had missed the field goal try, but Saskatchewan had too many men on the field. Montreal gets a do-over from 10 yards closer and wins it.

I still have one bet outstanding on our September trip with which to whittle down my losses. (Because we all know it is important to do better than Mrs. Flusher whittle down our collective losses.)

Does Ronnie know anything about hockey???

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