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Friday, January 29, 2010

What's the EV on memories?

Every time old man winter fluffs down on Flusherville I say the same thing. "F*#& off snow!!!".

Only I say it without the extra punctuation.

It's at times like these, as I freeze my ass off in Flusherville, that I treasure my Vegas memories. I don't have a trip planned.

I have nothing interesting to tell you on this blog because I spend my days making size 7 grommets for The Man at North American Veeblefetzer. Vegas is nowhere on my radar.

Sometimes though, as I lay me down to sleep, I think about the sights and sounds and replay some of the memories of our wonderful trips to Vegas.

Like the time I hit a big-ass Royal at Treasure Island (before they ruined it). Or the times we used to spend getting our beaks wet at nickel video poker, and I told the guy who refills the machine "I'm going to empty this thing of nickels."

It was a double-up machine and I took it all the way to over 2000 nickels, one 50:50 shot at a time. It's peanuts to a guy like The Flusher now, but back then, well, it was a shitload of nickels. An imperial shitload of nickels.

And it occurs to me that having these great memories is like a 2 or 3% bonus return on all the gambling we do in Sin City.

That puts our VP games pretty much positive, if memories add 3% to the EV.

Maybe I'll jot some more of those memories down here so you can enjoy them with me. Maybe it will help me get through this godforsaken winter (does this happen EVERY year???) until such time as I can plan ... the next trip to the Oasis in the Desert.

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