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Sunday, June 20, 2010

First Full Day 1 in Vegas

First Full Day 1 in Vegas


RF Stake $390
QQ Stake $180

Sleep was – well, I wouldn’t say it was fitful. It wasn’t fitless either. I’d say sleep had some fits in it, wasn’t rife with fits, wasn’t having a dearth of fits – but perhaps medium in fitness. It was certainly enough for the first full Day 1 in Vegas for a couple of sprightly gamblesters such as ourselves.

We arose and I had one word to utter to the Quad Queen.


Oh yes. We headed down to the 69 Jacks again in the Four Queens and started to have at it!

We decided to use some of our freeplay. I started with $20 and cashed out with $70. Mrs. F. lost her $20 but punched the little freeplay buttons to load up another $20 and cashed out with $80.

This is what I love. We are finally on vacation. We are in Las Vegas. The Four Queens has spotted us each $50 to play with. We’ve only used half of it and we are up $230 on the trip.

It makes my heart and wallet absolutely sing!

We kind of toured around, playing some quarter Bonus Poker (BP) in the old FQ. I hit a $50 quad and strangely, the first straight flush of the trip playing 50 cent BP. Usually it takes days to get the first one. I held 8,9,10,J and pulled the Queen for $125.

There’s a couple of old quarter Deuces machines in the Vegas Club that pay $500 for the deuces and I am bound and determined to hit them this trip. I am wayyyy short of deuces, lifetime. We strolled down Fremont, taking in the old familiar sites, stopped at the ABC store for some of them chocolate macamaroni nuts – the ones where you get 2 in a little package.
Found the machines in the Vegas Club and gave ‘em a bash. Came up empty though.

We decided to try the other end of Fremont and headed down to the El Cortez and didn’t Mrs. Flusher hit a straight flush?! I picked up a quad but the Elco probably got the best of us.
Back to the Queens to start giving them some play. And Mrs. F started hitting the quads.
(99)99, (QQ)QQ, (33)33...

Hit Magnolias for lunch so we could put it on the room and hopefully get it comped on checkout. They had a Fried Chicken special for $6.50 so we ordered that. It was quite good – not as good as the F.C. at the Fitz – but pretty darn good.

Somehow I am now only up $20, having been up $250 at one point. Why can’t I just always win???

Got on the phone to activate our US cell phones (Net10). I spent an hour trying to get it sorted so I could call Marti back at North American Veeblefetzer when she fucks up the size 7 Grommet line on that big Eurasindian order. They tell me the phones are de-activated and they have to actually send me new SIM cards or some shit to make them go again. (This wasn't the first time I'd been frustrated with Net10.)

I’m like, they have SIM cards already, can’t you just… make them go?

Nope. They are going to FEDEX the stupid SIM cards. So I give them Main Street Station as my address because it is going to take 3-5 business days and that's where we'll be then.

It turns out the call center is in Colombia. (Not the British one either.) The rep has cousins in Las Vegas. I tell him to tell them not to let their stupid Net10 phones de-activate.

After lunch we hitz the Fitz, tried the Meat Machines, failed to get free meat, and then headed up to the Vue bar to play the progressives (and perhaps take a libation or three). And didn’t we hit the run of quads!

RF: (77)77
QQ: (77) 77 – matching my 7s
RF: (555)5 and (KKKK) – yes, dealt kings…

It was one of the great runs on quarter VP – I put in $20 and cashed out with $160 an hour later.

Here’s the thing though. It doesn’t last. The Quad Queen hit another five sets of quads including AAAA for $100 and I petered out, not seeing another set all day.

What I did do, though, was catch a great roll at the $3 craps table at the Fremont. I’d bought in for $80 and my stake had dwindled down, dwindled down… boy did it dwindle. I was down to my last $10 or so and this lady, she went on a tear.

This lady rolled 42 times before crapping out.

The weird thing was, she wasn’t hitting that many numbers – she was hitting tons of twos, threes and twelves. I made some money on the Field but was afraid to jump on the twos and threes – as soon as I chase a trend, it ends. The even weirder thing about this was… she didn’t make a cent on that roll. In fact, she lost money.

Dumbass was betting the Don’t the whole time.

I made about a hundred profit and had maybe $40 on the table when the seven came. It was one of the longer rolls I’ve seen.

Dinner was probably at Magnolia's again. I’m thinking I might have had chicken fried steak (with country throw-up gravy) and eggs.

So I look at my notes and I see all these quads and I’m thinking, we must have done pretty well this first full day of Day 1 of gambling.

You forget shoving 20 after 20 into the machines. It takes a lot to play alllllll day long.
That’s why, at the end of the day, I have $100 and Mrs. F has zip.

RF: -290 on the day, -200 on the trip
QQ: -180 on the day, -200 on the trip

Was the day worth $400?

Yes it was. But my wallet is no longer singing.

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