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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Royal Half A Flusher

Slept really well, probably because of the fine dinner we had a Tinesco’s. This is a restaurant in the space where the wonderful Great Moments room used to be at the Vegas Club. The menu is casual but the food served with an élan, a flair, that harkens back to the old days when this was a beef ‘n leather gourmet room. Sadly, the VC can’t support that anymore. But Tinesco’s provided great service and delicious food at a pretty reasonable price and I recommend it. I had the Chicken Parmawhoosiz with the élan on the side. Mrs. F had a steak sandwich which had inside it – a steak. An actual steak. And one of those salads with the fancy lettuce in that looks like dandelions.

This morning, my wallet was empty, and my cash on hand was gone. I had to do the walk of shame to the cage and cash some traveller’s checks to pump up my stake:

RF Stake: 300
QQ Stake: 435

We started out as usual to pay for the room on our hard-played points – hitting the Bonus Poker at the Four Queens, near the Keno. I played a little 50 cent and hit a quad, and then another on quarters – a good way to start the day.

Hard to believe we hadn’t won any meat yet, so we hit the Fitz lobby meat machines.

I played Double Double Bonus and was dealt AAA three times. THREE TIMES and I could not pull the fourth Ace. We got good play on our 20s which is always nice.

“No meat for you.”

Mrs. Flusher headed back to the room at the old FQ, maybe to flay some of her epidermis off in the Dysan Windtunnel Shower. I hit the BP again. The bank of machines by Keno. The ones on the side of the security desk. The machine on the far right, near the brick wall.

That machine.

I actually wanted the one 2nd from the brick wall because I got a royal on it once. But some lady was playing it.

I shoved a 20 in and got busy, figured I’d play until the Queen showed up. I was kind of jealous of her Super Deuces the night before. That hand is not just four deuces – it is every hand there is – except one. It is a pair, two pairs, trips, straight, flush, full house, quad – and a wild royal.

After about 40 minutes, I held the King and Ace of Spades. Well, I tells ya, I saw the other 3 come in, recognized it immediately before the countup even began. I even had time to get the camera out and video some of it.

Yes, I hit the beauty of beauties, the hand of hand, the jack of pots… the Ace high straight flush also known as a Royal. Fucking. Flush.

Took some pics (obviously) and wished my partner was there to see it – more often than not, we hit them alone. Punched the cashout button and… it only printed half a ticket.

Half a ticket? Does this mean I only get paid $500???

Because The Flusher is such a savvy and smart gamblester, he did not panic. No, he motioned to the security desk and they called a ticket puller fixer printer guy. What we did was, he walked me over to the cage to vouch for the veracity of the half a royal ticket.

It scanned and there was no problem – and I had 10 sweet benjamins to go up and fan the Quad Queen with.

I was up on the trip, the Royal was off my back on day 3, and life was perfect.

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    1. Congrats on the royal. Thanks for sharing these entertaining trip reports.


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