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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sex and Breakfast

RF Stake: $180
QQ Stake: $340

We awoke in fine fetter which was good, because we had a big day ahead of us. It was our last day at the Four Queens before moving over to Main Street Station for the Slot Tourney. And, I had pre-purchased tickets for Carlos Santana’s Supernatural show over at the Hard Rock as a surprise for Mrs. Flusher.

Our pre-breakfast play was good and I actually had two winning sessions.

Have you ever noticed that it is important to win? Have you?

It’s like – say you are up $113 on the day by breakfast as you stick a fork in your hot eggs over hard (yokes broken), country fried slab o’meat (with plenty of beige country throw-up gravy), hash browns, sourdough toast with strawberry jam, and freshly brewed, hot coffee.

You could easily be down $200. I’ve often been down $200 by breakfast, even down $300 on a couple of putrid occasions. But for the sake of argument… say you are down $200.

That’s an over $300 difference between being down $200 and up $113. So if you win $113 before breakfast, it is HUGE.

It’s pretty much like being up $300. At least, that’s how this savvy gamblester looks at it.

My notes are very reliable. It says here, I played one and a half hours (approximately 750 hands) on $20 and cashed out $40. Mrs. Flusher played one and a quarter hours and made $40 profit. Nice.

Mrs. Flusher enjoyed her breakfast club sandwich and had one last run at the Four Queen’s Machines.

Just as I said, “Video poker is fun when you’re winning… and then you get Quads”, I popped another quad. That was five quads for me and three for the Missus. There was only one thing missing from our perfect morning.

I'm not sure exactly what it means, but my notes say: “Sex + Breakfast” but they are notoriously unreliable.

I needed to set up a car rental at Avis to manage the transfer between hotels, and get our asses out to see SANTANA! I logged on to the Video Poker WinSimulator 3000 featuring WinPoker (which also does web surfing), checked for panic messages from the sticky-fingered Marti back at North American Veeblefetzer (none), and spent a good half hour searching endless travel sites for a decent car rental deal. I must have had 30 windows open and 21 different options – none of them acceptable.

Grudgingly admitting defeat, I threw myself upon the mercy of the Avis boothling.

He came up with a rate 40% less than anything I’d seen online. He must have known who he was dealing with.

Next up was a visit to the little casino host room off the lobby. It's so nice in there, quiet and plush… I’d like to have dinner served in there. I wonder if they’d mind if I brought a take-out Binions cheeeezeburger with fried onions and and bacon in?

Our host took a look at our play and made ‘the call’ to the front desk.


We had four nights comped up front and the last night at $50 (+ $12 taxes). She picked up all our food (about $200 worth) and the last night too.

Our bill checking out of the Queens was $2.25 – courtesy of the annoying 800 number calls to stupid Net10 support so they could tell my why my phones wouldn’t fucking work for 3-5 business days so I could call in to Mr. Azryder back at North American.

On top of all that, we scored cashback to the tune of $85 combined.

We packed up our bags, I went and got the car, and we were ready to roll. What a perfect day so far, and we were just getting going!

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