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Saturday, June 26, 2010

So many quads and FREE MEAT

Can you guess where we had our greasy lusty slippin’ sliding dripping cheesy mouthgasm lunch?

Yep, right back to the Binions snackbar for those cheeseburgers again, mine with a bacon thrown on top this time, and a cold milk chaser. Sheer tastebud heaven.

We thought we should really take the ACE bus soon down to the strip and check it out, do some coupons at Casino Royale, take in the new Area Casino Resort and Shitty Centre. But QQ wanted to give the DDB a try again.

She put a $5 bill in and hit another quad for another cool $100.

By this time the grease was congealing in my veins so it was nap time. We’d pick up the action again after a brief rest.

The rest of the day was a blur of video poker and watching my wife get quads. For example, in the next session, she hit four of ‘em to my one, including two within one minute of each other. The woman was HOT! (And yet, somehow, not rich).

That’s the thing though, you can play, you get the quads and it’s the difference between losing a little and losing a shitload. You have to really hit the big hands if you are going to finish the day a winner, when you play for hours in a day.

There was a very sexy showgirl standing on Fremont so I got my picture taken with her. She said she was from Canada. I was very happy to slip one of our own a $5 tip. I asked her how she does with the gig and she said ‘very well’. I think it’s a great idea and adds color to the downtown scene. She was real purty too.

We played some Treasure Chest at the Fremont for some reason. I managed to get two quads (the last one at the same moment as the QQ – simultaneous quadgasms.) But all we ever picked was the minimum – 140 quarters. I did talk to one woman who had won $1199 on Treasure Chest so it really does give out the top prize sometimes. Well, rarely. Almost never.

The Fitz meat coupon went to good use to buy an order of the ‘Colonel can go fuck himself this is the best’ Fried Chicken. We shared because I was getting my ass kicked so badly, I didn’t think I’d have any ass left. Even having gotten a royal… I was down on the trip. That’s how bad my general play was.

And even with the QQs play, and an absolutely amazing run of FOURTEEN Quads – she was down on the day too. (Her record is even higher than that.)

But, we had free chicken, and a day I wouldn’t trade for any day on the size 7 Grommet line at North American Veeblefetzer. Which reminded me – had the stupid SIM cards arrived for our phones yet? And if they did, would I have to nurse stupid Ding Dong stealing Marti through some major brain fart fuckup on the line? I put those thoughts aside and instead, closed my eyes in my little Four Queens beddy-byes and started imagining Carlos Santana.

RF Day $-420 Trip $-220
QQ Day $-140 Trip $-310

Note that I was still out gamblestering the QQ... even with all them quads. It doesn't matter. Its not a competition. Also, I had out gamblestered her by almost $100 at this point.

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