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Friday, July 16, 2010

K9 Vegas

“We really should get down to the Strip. Check out the ACE bus,” I said, as we walked by the Downtown ACE stop.

“Yeah, we should. Feeling tired though.”

We were on our way down to the ElCo to get loaded and see if we could spot the cough syrup stains in the little bit of the ‘old’ carpet that remains. The ElCo is getting downright snazzy with its wood, sans-serif signage, and jazzy piano bar.

Mrs. Flusher left ahead of me to go to Walgreen’s to get sick supplies and I lost my buy-in on craps, so went out to the street to meet her.

She was just about to cross the street in front of the ElCo and we turned around and walked back the other way, only to find out that the last block before the Experience was cordoned off by police. In fact, the K9 unit was blocking Fremont.

We had to walk south a block, then west 2 blocks, and then north to get back onto Fremont. At every intersection there were police and security people. And it was the same deal a block north of Fremont on Stewart. They must have had 8 square blocks cordoned off. We figured it was either a bomb threat, or a jumper.

We never did find out what the deal was, but it was scary. So scary we decided to play the old coin droppers at the Cal. Nothing much happened there and it was back to Main Street Station.

The Queen showed me up once again hitting 5 quads to my 2.

The Missus didn’t feel up to dinner so I ate alone at the Cal coffee shop. If you don’t want a table, you can walk right to the front of the line and take a spot at the counter. It’s like being thrown back 30 years to the kinds of diners I once knew, with their stools, thick coffee cups, and Hamilton Beach milkshake mixers.

I found a spot and had the prime rib special for $7.99. The guy next to me was on a comp and wasn’t very hungry, he said. He had a huge salad to start and then received a t-bone steak the size of a hubcap. There was enough there to feed a family of four. It was ridiculous.

Decadent. Typical overblown new millennium calorie pig-fest.

I resolved to order the same thing, next time.

Mid-meal I ordered a club on white (no bacon, no mayo) with fries to go for Mrs. Flusher. I trucked it back to the room, ate half her fries, and we turned in.

RF has $410. Day: +330 Trip: $-680
QQ has $220. Day: $-120 Trip: $-290

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