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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Quad Drought

We woke up after a night of sleeping. And dreaming about gambling.

But all was not well – Mrs. F’s eye was looking alarmingly red. I thought we might have to put some polysporin in it or do surgery later. But for now – it was time to gamble.

“Let’s get some scratch cards!”

Quad 8s. Yep.
We went down into the Main Street Station casino to our favorite machines. The morning sun was streaming down Stewart street, through the center doors of the casino, and lighting up our gambling den.

I started the fun with two sets of quad Kings and Mrs. F countered with quad 7s on Double Double.

That’s when things started to fall apart for me, relatively speaking. And I hadn’t even had breakfast buffet yet.

I entered what is technically known as a ‘quad drought’.

“I’m in quad drought…” I whined as Mrs. F, the Quad Queen, banged out her third in a row with no answer from me.

She went on to get a straight flush and then quad fours on Bonus for $50 and then quad sixes for $100 on Bonus Deluxe and then just two minutes later quad nines on Bonus Deluxe for another hundred dollars – the woman was on FIRE.

I thought about putting her out, but you never mess with a streak.

Somewhere in there we had naps with the louvers closed to the now burning desert sun high overhead.

Upon awakening, she asked me, “How does my eye look?”

“Better, now that we’re in a dark room.”

“No really, how does it look?”

It didn’t look good.

“You look kind of like a pirate. Hop around on one leg and black some teeth out with a magic marker and you could be a pirate.”

We put some goop in her eye and left the room to get on with the day. In the hallway, some woman was trying to get into her room, sliding her key over and over, to know avail.

“Key won’t work?” I asked.

She shook her head. “No…”

“Here, try mine,” I said helpfully.

Dinner was the $7.95 Prime Rib special at the California. What’s not to like at that price?

We had decided to play some higher stakes VP at a few junctures this trip. To get things started slowly, tonight it was fifty cent Bonus Poker at the Cal. The idea was that we’d each play $20 in at a time – double or nothing. You doubled it, you cashed out. You played to zero, you were done with that $20 and had to wait for the other person.

I managed to eke out an overall win, finishing with $147.50. Mrs. Flusher only lost $20. So that was a success. And just about the only success I had all day.

Just to cap the night off, the Queen hit Bonus Poker Aces for $100 – again.

RF: Day: $-400 Trip: $-930
QQ: Day $+180 Trip: $-290

I could see my trip was going in the dumper again. There’s not much to write about when you play all day and get only three sets of quads.

Well, the slot tournament Mrs. F was entered in started the next day, and first prize was like Five Grand or something. I set my sites on that and went to bed and dreamed of red-eyed pirates.

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