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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bottle this day

Do you ever have dreams that you are in Vegas and you walk up to some slot and third pull you hit some crazy thing and it is ringing up credits forever and you look at the pay thingy to try to figure out how many quarters it is and you just keep winning?

The door prize for the keynote speech ("Why there are two 'm's in Grommet") at the Grommet Symposium was a gift bag containing a $15 gift certificate, a 'Magic Bullet' blender set, and a copy of our very own Harry Veeblefetzer's autobiography "Between a Sheet and a Hard Place - Harry Veeblefetzer, North American Veeblefetzer and the Modern Grommet Revolution".

Needless to say, I am glad I didn't win.

With the festivities wrapped up, I went back to my room at the Cal and completed the Grommet Product projections, including some nice little colorful graphs that showed grommet product charted against how much I hate my job (unlabeled). That should give the management 'team' something to ponder.

Went down to the coffee shop for the graveyard specials, but the kitchen was closed for cleaning. However there was a breakfast buffet.

The food was not only not good, it was actually disgusting. Nothing tasted good, everything was cold, some things tasted not good. I nibbled, complained, and bolted. Six bucks and probably three years off my life for that trough of pig feed.

I checked out the tournament scores from day one. Surprisingly, I was 30th out of 73 entrants with about 24,000 pernts. But the number one spot had 33,000 pernts. I was going to need a stellar effort if I was to get anything decent.

I was on time for round 3 and did okay, scoring about 12,000 pernts, but nothing like the 15K average the top place entrant had. I started to ponder how I could sabotage some machines.

Dumped $20 into White Hot Aces and $20 into Double Double Bonus (DDB). I decided to kind of go for it on DDB and slipped in a hundy.

I played, and played some more. No quads, and the credits dwindling down. I got down to about $25 worth of credits left and held a pair of threes.

Nice! I thought to myself 'KEEP GOING' and about 3 minutes later held a pair of Kings.

I cashed out and totaled up. I was up about $120 for the day. Things were looking up after a slow start.

Lunch was at the MSS Buffet - it was okay. I always try to find one dish that is fresh, hot, and good, and make a meal around it. Didn't find it today.

Back the room to ensure that the Grommet Production Projection spreadsheets were sufficiently baffling the pernty-heads back in Accounting at North American. Took a rest, and then it was almost time for the last round of the tourney.

Headed over and played a 20 in Bonus Poker. Broke even. Went and got my final machine number - #23 - Ron Lancaster's Number!!!!! This was either an omen or a curse, depending. Long time readers will recall the Curse of Ron Lancaster in a previous trip...

Anyway I still had about 13 or 14 minutes to kill so I wandered over to a slot machine that I like. It is right outside the wifi area at MSS - the first machine you see - it doesn't take pennies, and its loud. To me, this signals looseness, just like with barfly women.

I slipped in a lucky 20 and on pull three I watched three symbols pop up, and the noise started.


$300 Score!!!!

Cashed out after a few more pulls (just in case) and headed to my machine.

The last 20 minute session of the tournament started and I just killed it. I was hitting premium hits all over the place. I broke 10,000 pernts in the first 8 minutes. I actually had a chance. In the last 5 minutes I figured I needed 2 more top wins to take the tourney, but the chances on that were pretty slim.

And indeed, it didn't happen, but I finished with 16,635 points for a grand total of about 52K.

I took a rest and grabbed a shower, and played this and that. At this point I was way up on the day, about $420.

Dropped $20 in $1 Treasure Chest (no quads) and $20 in Diamond Head DDB. Funny the hands that pop up from time to time in Video Poker, like this little adrenalin starter:

Wandered over to check the Slot Tournament results.

The top 6 scores got decent prizes, up to $1500 for the winner. After that the next 24 got $50 each. I was pretty pleased to see that I'd finished 11th and had won $50.

If only I hadn't had that crappy 9K session, I would have been probably in the top 6. The winner had 60K, I had 52K. Sixth place had 54,500. One more hit of the three Kahunas for 4000 points and I would have been top six for sure.

I picked up my winnings - two green $25 checks. This is where things start to get a little fuzzy...

I figured a great thing to do would be to have a couple of High Roller Gold beers at the MSS bar and play bartop Jacks. Which I did. Dumped $80 in and had two beers, then played $20 in DDB. I'd had no quads yet in the session.

Switched to Bonus Deluxe and held two 4s. The other two popped up for a $100 hit.

And about a minute later, this nice dealt hand popped up for a second hundy.

I switched to Absolut on the rocks about this time. Classic degen move. Dumped a hundy into Bonus Poker, then went on a stupid, stupid excursion into triple play Super Times Pay. Dumped $60 in there and never got a multiplier. Dumbass!

Had a great run on Deuces, running $20 into $60 over about 45 minutes and three vodkas.

Dinner time! Prime rib special at the counter at the Cal. It's getting pricier these days, but still a good deal and a really good meal.

Tried $1 Treasure Chest again - dumped $60 and no quads.

Hit 50 cent Bonus at the Cal and nailed quad 8s for $62.50. Good, good...

I had about $85 on the machine and thought to myself. "I have enough to play some dollars now."

Man, what a day, I'm just cookin'!!!!

Decided to spend my $25 checks over at MSS and hit the $5 pitch blackjack game. Early on I got down to $10 left but clawed my way back. It was a great table, lots of jokes and laughter. I stayed for about two and a half hours, and about four more vodkas. I colored up $100, making a profit of $50 on the session.

By the time I weaved back to my room, I was dead tired and couldn't be happier. What a day!!!!

I was up $610 on the day, and a little over $1400 for the trip.

Bottle this day, and replay it forever, it just doesn't get much better.

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