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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flusherville Airport - The Waiting Begins

What a night in Flusherville. And I wish I meant that in a good way.

The whole province was inundated by rain yesterday and last night. We're talking a couple of inches dumped on top of the ground, which is still frozen.

Of course it dropped below freezing overnight so there was some freezing rain and when I got up this morning, it was snowing like a bastard.

Finished packing first of all.

Because I am going single-o this trip, and taking some vacation days after the Grommet Symposium has ground to a pathetic halt, I am focusing on relaxing.

When it comes to gambling and traveling, I can be somewhat of an anxious person. I am trying to 'let loose' a little bit on this one, and I started by trimming my packing and preparation to a minimum.

Most importantly, I think I had a real breakthrough that my therapist would be proud of. When I packed my underwear, I packed what I thought was 'enough'.

That's right, I did not count my underwear when I packed. No day-by-day allocation with 15% extra for a 'slush fund', as it were. I packed my underwear the way I get dressed - grab 'em and go!

It got to be time to head to the airport and the Flushermobile was encased in ice, and covered in a growing layer of Mother Nature's white bounty. It took forever to free the Flushermobile and thaw things out enough to head for the airport.

But finally, the job was done. I will remember the blowing snow and cold wet socks when I am living it up in Vegas!

The trip to Flusherville Regional Aerodrome was uneventful but there was certainly a lot of flooding in our area overnight, and the roads were icy, slushy, snowy, and slippery.

It reminded me of some of the dates I went on in college.

The good news is, I arrived here at the R.A. and of course, my flight is late. I don't really care though as I have pretty much a 63 hour layover in Toronto. Okay, not 63 hours, but it will seem like it. I might as well wait here, as there.

And, my gloves are going to Vegas with me - I forgot to leave them in the Flushermobile. I'm sure my stupid fucking winter gloves will come in handy at the El Cortez...


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