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Friday, March 11, 2011

Lights Out at the Four Queens

Slept well at the Cal and headed down to Lappert's for a Latte. Grabbed a little Bonus Poker action and dropped 20 bucks.

Then over to Du-Pars for crackcakes. A short stack is very filling, not sure who could down 3 of these frisbee sized cakes. They were out of boysenberry syrup, which was a drag.

Then on to the Nugget to try to sting them for a third Royal as is my daily custom. They don't send me offers anymore and I would really like to take them for my 3rd lifetime Royal there. Especially since they shorted my favorite machine, on which I had 2 Royals.

Played for 40 mins on 40 bucks there but nothing to cash out.

Over to the Fremont, making my rounds. Pick'em -40. Boner Deluxe -40.

Can you see a trend here?

Back at the Cal, hit up the $1 Treasure Chest and finally got a quad on it. Picked the lowest possible treasure of course, $140. I decided to 'go for it' and played it all back.

So another 20 gone.

The streak is in trouble. I'm down 160 at this point and it's still morning.

Over to my comfy slant top Bonus Poker at MSS.

Hit the aces there for a cool hundy.

Also hit quad fives and then switched to 50 cent DDB. And lost. Not good.

Tried the Deuces on the wall by the buffet and had really good play, with three Wild Royals keeping me in credits.

I had played a long time and not seen a quad so I switched to DDB just in time.

Nice turnaround, at this point I was up $125 on the day.

Time to check out of the Cal and check in at the Four Queens. I packed my stuff, left the room and started to walk down the hall. I got a few steps and remembered (thank goodness) that I HADN'T CLEARED OUT THE SAFE.

Not what you could call the move of a Savvy Gamblester, that. More like a savvy DUMBASS.

Dragged my bags, all three of them to the Queens. (That's two suitcases, btw). Strangely, I ended up with the exact same room as last time. At least some of the hotel room scum embedded in the carpet is my own self-produced hotel room scum.

The Holy of Holy's is on special with players card at Magnolias - my favorite breakfast, the chicken fried steak and eggs - only $6.25!

I'd got my meal and had started eating when the power went completely out at the Four Queens. Dealers covered their racks of chips, any hands in play were cancelled. The whole place went black except for spotty emergency lighting. It was eerily silent.

I figured it would be a good idea to finish eating and then head over to the Fremont and risk a hundy at craps.

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