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Friday, March 11, 2011

Naps and Craps

You see some strange things in Vegas...

Played for about 1 1/2 hours at the $3 table at the Fremont. At first the table was cold and my $100 buy-in dwindled to about 25 bucks. But the table turned around as more people arrived and I ended up coloring up $145. I had about $70 on the table at the time of the last seven out too. Things had been getting really hot and I'd just moved up to a $10 pass line bet with $20 behind the line.

I blew $25 on Bonus Deluxe and did an accounting - I was up $120 on the day. Not bad.

Took a nap and played some Freeplay on dollar DDB - but the $80 Freeplay yielded nothing. A shame. I then bellied up to the bar and started in on some Jack and cokes, and some shots of Jack, screw the cokes. The quads started to come and I just kept playing and playing.

At one point I was dealt the following, but alas, it was not to be.

On the right machine at the California, completing that sequential royal would be worth $25,000. I'm starting to think that that might just be possible.

Each time I hit a quad I kept playing. The credits would lower some and I'd hit another and be higher than before. I kept thinking of Joe Pesci getting the smuggled diamond's out of his wife's hair. "More... I know there's more in there..."

I rang that sucker up as high as 1200 credits and cashed out at 1001 - $250.

Dinner was at the Fremont buffet where I pigged out on prime rib. Had some pineapple for dessert that was really delicious.

Tried Treasure Chest for 20 (nothing) and a slot for 20 (nothing), then decided to pack it in after giving the Fitz meat machines a go.

I was only going to risk a 20. I played. And I played. And I played. No quad... I must have had a dozen 3-of-a-kinds but could not get it. All of a sudden, I guess the machine decided to have mercy on me and dealt me four Kings.

I got my quad and my coupon for FREE MEAT. I intend to use it for the fried chicken tomorrow.

How is it possible that the streak continues??? I finished up on the day $300. And the total for the trip is plus $1720. Can this possibly continue? Most trips I might have 2-3 winning days and 1 break even and the rest out of 10 or 12 are losers. This trip so far I've had three winning days and one basically break-even.

I'm loving it!

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