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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

They Call Me Royal Flusher

On my way out of the El Cortez Banana Suites, I said hello to the woman at the desk.

"Wish me luck. I need it."

She did.

I decided to hit one of the few remaining Downtown Deuces after having had some luck with these at the Vegas Club before they pulled them.

They feature 2000 quarters for the deuces and 4700 quarters for a royal flush(er).

I sat down and played a 20. Nothing much.

Played a second 20 and got on a good run. Ordered a drink. Played some more. Ordered a second drink. Played some more.

Then my 20 ran out.

So I thought, well, I might as well keep playing till my drink arrives. So I popped in some more money and that was gone in a flash.

And my damn drink still hadn't arrived.

I knew I was pouring bad money after bad now, but stupidly I put yet another 20 in the machine and plunked away. My drink finally arrived and a few minutes later, this happened.

Held three and the other two popped up for a cool $1175! I was paid very quickly and tipped the attendant a 10-spot. I also got a voucher for either a box of candy, or a freeplay voucher.

I kept playing, and in the normal tradition got four Aces with a kicker on the Deuces machine. I guess I can't complain. But why won't they appear on Double Double Bonus like they are supposed to?

Ying Yang, Wing Wang I guess. Karma, Dogma.

Ordered a double Absolut on the rocks and it arrived about the time my credits ran out.

Headed over to the booth and took a freeplay envelope out of the drum - $10. WOOT.

Played about 1/2 an hour on dime multi-strike but no quads. It was a blast though.

Tried a dollar slot (-20) and then had fajitas at Cafe Cortez. They were pretty good.

After that, hit the bar for some bartop VP. Kinda down for a while, lots of good stiff Absoluts, it gets a bit blurry.

Made a comeback at the end with this:

and this:

The night ended kind of blurry, which was good.

And I'm up $835 on the trip.

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