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Friday, April 29, 2011

Blown again

It shouldn't have surprised me that the last 2 of 3 bulbs in my dining room both blew simulaneously when I flicked the switch the other night to come and write some blog stuff down. Of course, those bulbs are 'special' and cost about $19 each.

It is not a happy place here in Flusherville when half the team is in Vegas and the larger half is not. Especially when there are windstorms, and no gambling.

When we last checked in with Mrs. Flusher, she was down $90 on the day (Wednesday) and still up $25 on the trip and hanging out at Main Street Station.

Mrs. Flusher:

Tried some quarter triple playand was 6A666!!! How sweet to be dealt a quad on triple play?

That's $93.75 and I got three scratch cards: $2 $2 $2

Tried white hot aces (quarters) and got (666)6 for $62 and... a $2 scratch card.

Played a 20 on various slots - didn't win a thing.

Played some quarter BP and lost.

Bumped it up to 50 cent BP and on the last hand (the Lazarus hand) hit (666)6 for $62 and... guess what? A $2 scratchcard.

What the heck is with the quad 6's? That's 3 or 4 sets of 'em so far.

So what do you do when the play is bouncing up and down? Hit the Boars Head bar, that's what.

Tried some Bonus Deluxe quarters and was dealt JJJJ for $100

and... a $2 scratchcard.

Tried to ramp it up with some dollar VP action and hit (333)3 for $200 AND....

most excitingly!...

...a $2 scratchcard.

Things took a turn in the night - basically lost on everything, played back all the winnings, and ended up down $150 on the day.

Whatever happened to the promise of a winning trip?

And where is the dollar Royal she is going after????

More soon!

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