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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chippy leaves her mark

There's nothing like waking up to the sound of a Great Dane / Chihuahua cross throwing up. That's how Chippy greeted me on Friday morning.

Chippy gets upset when Mrs. Flusher is away. Chippy never throws up on the tile. Chippy walks 2 feet from the tile to find a nice piece of lush hard-to-clean carpet to throw up on.

I love my girl Chippy, but give a guy a break!

Chippy was a rescue dog, adopted from the shelter. We don't know if the Great Dane was the mother and the Chihauhua the father, or vice versa.

In the name of all things holy, I pray that it was the father that was the Chihuahau, and not the Great Dane.

I cleaned things up, got Chippy her breakfast - mmmm dog balls again!!!! - put her out, and got ready to face things at North American Veeblefetzer.

You know what its like to have someone jam a stick in your spokes just as you are getting up to speed on your first two-wheeler? I don't even know if Schtoinking is a word, but if it is, that's what Norbert is up to. Come to think of it, that's probably how Chippy came into the world, bless her furry heart.

It's been a pretty bad spring for me at North American. As you know, I was until recently on the size 8 grommet line, and I even had aspirations to make it to the big size 10 grommet line on the sunny side of the plant. Hell, I thought I might even go all the way and make a huge game changer move to get into the much more demanding and precision o-ring production center.

Well, I'm back on the size 7 line, thanks to you know who, Mr. Schtoinker Dickhead Norbert. Some days I don't even want to bother packing my Hoho in my lunch kit, I'm that depressed about it.

Meanwhile, the update from Mrs. Flusher is that Friday she was due to check out of Main Street Station, and trundle her luggage over to the Four Queen's.

She started the day with a fat $620 stake for the day - still rolling off the first night's stake and up a little bit on the trip.

That is not easy to do after 3 days hammering the machines in Vegas, so one or two kudoses to her. Like a reality show contestant, she's giving 115 to 120% on her 'journey'.

I did get a phone update from her after getting home from North American (don't ask). She was trying to order a club sandwich at Magnolias while I was scrubbing the carpet from Chippy's mark. In any case, she ran my phone out of minutes and was too hammered to get her ass over to Walgreen's for a top-up card.

I'll update this post when I get some juicy gambling details!!!

An odd photo from Magnolia's.

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