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Friday, April 29, 2011

Fremont Street Movie!

Norbert is going to give me conniptions. We've had this production run scheduled for one of our big offshore particle board furniture manufacturers (they use a lot of grommets) for 5 months now and the day before the run he decides that the special red grommets they've ordered can't be run. The guy does an end-run around me and turfs the production log sheets for the big run.

Out of the blue.

No grommet run.

Now I've gotta go and explain to the production team just why we can't run the special size 7 red grommets we've promised to Muy Whang over in China these past 5 months. The only problem with this is, when they ask me why, I hem and haw and then I have to make up some bullshit about the mix 'not being right' and the releaser lubricants on the line won't work with the compound once the red dye is added. But this is all bullshit, and if they think about it, they ran about 500,000 size 8 grommets just last fall in a 3 day grommet bonanza and the Muy Whang firm said we were stand-up guys to get an order like that raised in the face of such stiff competition.

So now I have to lie my ass off to cover for Norbert's stupidity and arrogance. And I have to take the heat for the rubbed out Muy Whang job. I'm just glad I don't have to be on the call back to Beijing or Shanghai or wherever it is they use our grommets over there.

Meanwhile, I get calls from Mrs. Flusher in Las Vegas on my phone, which I lent her.

She's supposed to go and buy her own one but keeps slurring, "I'm too soused to get to Walgreen's - I'll do it when I sober up."

I think Mrs. Flusher has been pickled every waking hour of her trip so far.

And I'm jealous.

Mrs. Flusher:

My stake for the day is $400. I'm up about $100 on the trip.

Thursday started with Dollar bp, lost 20. Went down to 50 cent BP and lost 20 more.
Breakfast at the Cal. I sat at the counter. It was delish as usual.

Tried the dollar Treasure Chest machines and dumped $100. Some of the machines say 'win up to $1199' and some say 'win up to 5000 coins'. Whats up with that? Maybe the lower machines were quarter machines, but I don't think so.

Back to Main Street Station and hit 2 quads on Treasure Chest. One for 140 coins and one for 180. Wouldn't it be sweet to hit that $1199 on a quad??? Both scratchcards... $2.

The strangest thing happened next. I was dealt a straight.

And the next hand, I was dealt another straight.

And the third hand, I was dealt a third straight for the straight hat trick.

Played for a solid 2 hours and lost $20 on the session (but think of the points!).

Lost a 20 here, a 20 there and hit another quad on 50 cent Bonus Poker for $62.50 and (the usual) scratchcard.

At this point I was down $140 on the day. So I took a break and walked up to the Golden Smugget. They are still working on the movie.

In fact, they had big white screens up blocking off a big section of Fremont. Presumably they are setting up in there to film right downtown. Maybe they take the screens down when it is time to film? Or maybe they are filming the front of one of the casinos.

I still don't know what the production is or who's in it.

Didn't hit the Nugget for a Royal, but I did hit them for AAAA for $100. :)

Hit the Four Queen's Bar to play Royal Flusher's freeplay, and my freeplay.

(RF: Mrs. Flusher reports that I lost, but she won $140. I think this is probably bullshit, but what can I do? Since I trust my wife, I won't question this obvious subterfuge.)

On to the Fitz to the Magic Meat Machine, and on the 2nd 20, hit a quad for $31.25 and FREE MEAT.

Pocketed the meat ticket and headed to the Fremont to pound for an hour on full pay Pick'Em by the Keno lounge. Put in $60, took out $150, thanks to quad Jacks, which pay $150.

Back at the Fitz, went upstairs to order the 'Colonel Sanders can go fuck himself this is the best fried chicken ever' chicken. While it was making, hit the progressive VP at the bar.

First hand, hit (77)77 $32. Then on DDB, hit (KK)KK for $86, and then hit (55)55 $32 - all this while the chicken is cooking, which takes 25 minutes. Not only that but lunch is free with the FREE MEAT coupon. How good does Vegas taste? THIS GOOD.

Some guy asked the bartender if he had a memory foam butt pad for the hard bar stools.

I told him, "Don't worry, your sore ass will remember these seats just fine on its own." The place just started laughing.

The chicken was OMG good but very salty. Since it's my husband, the Big Flusher, that has the sodium issues, I didn't worry much about it.

Played some at Binions and tried the Cal dollar Treasure Chest slant-tops again. Made the rounds back to MSS and took a rest, and then headed to the Cal dollar coin droppers by the elevators, as Mr. F. had suggested.

Got two rolls of dollar tokens. There was no one playing - which is very unusual if you have ever been to the dollar coin droppers by the elevators at the Cal. It was quiet and very weird.

Opened the first roll of coins, and dropped 5 in.
Played 4 hands. Had 15 coins left.
Played 3 hands. Had 20 coins left.
Was dealt a full house.
Then held 2 Aces and got 2 more for $125. LOVE THOSE COIN DROPPERS!

Cashed out $180 [didn't need second roll].

(RF: I was right about my hunch to play the dollar coin droppers by the elevators at the Cal.)

Played some dollar BP with a high royal progressive - $6360, didn't get it, lost $100.
Played some fifty cent BP and got (55)55 for $62.

Played on it for an hour [net, lost 20]
Dinner at Cal, turkey sandwich, meh.

Finished the day at MSS, on the quarter Treasure Chest uprights.
Was dealt KKKK for 140 coins and $2.
Lost 20 in hour of play

End of day, up $220 on the day and about $220 on the trip.

This is satisfactory, except it seems that all Mrs. Flusher is doing on vacation is gambling, eating, and getting loaded!!!!!!!!!!! What's wrong with her????????

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