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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Movie Making at the Golden Nugget

We've got this guy on our crew on the size 7 Grommet line at North American Veeblefetzer who just offs my cheese, you know what I mean? The guy is a know it all, "oooh you can't run that grommet extractor without a face guard" and "we're not supposed to provide any production estimates to the front office unless approved by Mr. Azzryder".

The only thing worse than a know it all, is a know it all who don't know diddly.

And the only thing worse than a know it all who don't know it all is a know it all who don't know diddly who is Mr. Azzryder's son-in-law.

That's right, the guy is juiced in and there's nothing anybody can say about him.

This is the kind of sacrifice I am making while Mrs. Flusher whiles away the hours in Fabulous Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

I am not a jealous man. Oh no. I am not jealous at all, I know that when someone has something that I can't have, if I wait long enough, what goes around comes around, goddammit.

I got a cell phone call today from a slightly tipsy Mrs. Flusher:

This morning I lost $60 on dollars video poker :(

Then I lost $60 on quarter video poker. :((

Then had a quad on quarters (55)55 $31.25 and a $2 dollar scratch card.

But then I lost $100 on 50 cent video poker :(((

The sad news at Main Street Station is that they have given in to the evil coercion of the anti-Freedom Pepsico Inc. That's right, the Boyd properties no longer serve Coke, and no longer can you even buy a Coke anywhere in the premises. This is downright un-American, if I do say so myself.

Then it was 7:15am and I thought ABC would be open so I could get some Coke, but it turns out they open at 8:00, so I went to the Golden Nugget to try to take those high-falutin' assholes for a Royal Flush, like my brilliant husband has twice before.

Played by that greasy Grille thingy next to the sports book.

The book was all blocked off - they are filming a movie in there and you can't even get in or see what's going on!

I played quarter Bonus Poker (BP), and got (KK) KK for $31.25 and later, (10,10,10) 10
for $31.25. The very next hand was (J) JJJ for $31.25. Yes, consecutive 4-of-a-kinds. :))

I took the Smug Nugget for $80 profit.

Went to ABC, bought 4 waters and 4 Coke Zeros to mix with the Jameson's in my room.

Back to MSS, and lost my ass. :((((

Down $320 on the day went to room to regroup and to refill drink. :))

(RF: How the hell did THAT happen????)

Played Triple Play near the craps tables and got (KK) KK on one line. $31.25 Put $30 in, took $60 out.

11:30AM, time for brunch. went to the Triple 7 and had the Chicken Philly. It was very good.

Played $1 BP, and was dealt 2, A, 3 and 4 of diamonds. Drew for the 5 of diamonds and nailed it - a $250 hit. :)))

Now only down $90 on the day, so up $25 on the trip :))))

It is dead here - very quiet, almost no smoke.

RF: The last update I got was that Mrs. Flusher turned it around and was up on the day about $115.

That means she is up on the trip $266 - a promising start, considering she was down 3 hundy earlier today.

If she keeps it up, I can probably keep from being a jealous bitter bastard.


I'd write more exciting details, but Chippy is nibbling at my calves, a sure sign she has to go out in the backyard and drop another pantload of yard markers.

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