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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

MrsFlusher: Viva Las Vegas El Solo

I suppose it had to happen. After my amazing solo run in Vegas, my esteemed gambling partner (and wife) Mrs. Flusher has demanded equal time.

And she's off to Vegas on her own!

Meanwhile, back at North American Veeblefetzer, I've had one hell of a time, and have been demoted to the Size 7 Grommet line (from the coveted Size 8 Grommet line).

Mrs. Flusher:

"Arrived in style in Terminal 2 after taking the Aerospatiale TwinFucker Beechdeathcraft B20 from Flusherville Regional Aerodrome to Toronto, and then AC597 to Mecca West: Las Vegas, Nevada You Ess Eh!

Not so keen on Presidential Limo these days - the guy hung out at customs instead of coming to the baggage carousel. (RF: he called the house here in Flusherville and said he was at the carousel. Dork.) I had to shlep my own luggage from the carousel to the doors of Terminal 2 and finally found the guy.

He didn't pour the champagne and didn't even mention it. When I asked about it he said, "It's in the bin, help your self. Want a rose? Here ya go." And he tossed the rose on the seat through the window.

I wish my studly strapping strong studly husband Mr. Royal Flusher were here to kick the driver's ass for being such a rude tool.

Checked in at Main St. Station and dumped my bags in the room.

Headed down to the casino and took a flyer on DOLLAR Bonus Poker. Within 25 or 30 hands hit Quad 6s from 2 and got a $2 scratch card.

Been here 15 minutes and I'm up $200!!!! VIVA LAS FLUSHER VEGAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I probably could have done better, not that it is a competition. But seriously, $2 for a scratch card?

That is hardly being a savvy gamblester.

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    1. Yayyyy another epic adventure... and profitable for Mrs. flusher also I hope!! Great Blog Mr. Flush!!


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