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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Free sort of lunch

I found a coupon lying on the ground just inside the security screening area and picked it up.

Guest pass to Air Canada's Maple Leaf Lounge. But you have to be leaving on an Air Canada flight.



So I'm posting from inside the hallowed lounge. They are not very friendly here (they made me stop running my tiny R/C car up and down the tiled lobby) but there are free things to be had here.

I checked out the bar first - Thank You, I am enjoying a triple free vodka now.

There is food? Sweet!

Actually, I managed to sort of make lunch out of what they had.

There's no sort of actual food here, just granny food.

Teeny bags of chips. Like I'm talking a bag with 4 chips in it.

Bowls of olives and gherkins.

A plain salad.

And Granny soup.

So I managed to make FREE lunch out of 9 of those bags of chips, a rock glass full of olives, and a few spoonfuls of potato/leek soup, fresh spooned right out of the tureen.

I've stuffed my carryon with about six or seven cans of pop and juices, and selections of every newspaper they've got.

Pretty good haul for free, and free internet to boot.

Damn I love free!

I can't wait to see Mrs. F tonight - its been tough hearing about her savvy gamblestering and not being able to partake.

Tonight, the reunion happens. I told her I packed the KY, so she's warned.

Next stop Denver!

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