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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Juicy Gambling Details

Well, I promised some juicy gambling details and I finally have some.

As mentioned Friday was moving day from Main Street Station over to the Four Queens. This means rolling the luggage. Why pay for a taxi when you can wrench your back, strain your arm, and save $8 in the process??

Mrs. Flusher:

Got up and played some Bonus Poker to start the day. It is very windy - almost like being in a wind tunnel when outside.

I knew this was a harbinger of luck and sure enough, I got 7777 and a THREE DOLLAR scratch card instead of the usual.

Dumped $60 on Treasure Chest but was got 4444 on Super Double Double Bonus for $100.

Hit a couple other quads too for $31 and $62.

Tried to capture some more magic on triple play quarters - held 2 Aces and got the other two for $100 on one line.

Swung over to Binions to hit their Double Double Bonus and nailed AAAA for $200 - no kicker though.

RF: Mrs. Flusher is hitting quad Aces like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!

Also got quad 9s for $62.

Moved to the Four Queens and played at the bar quite a bit on the DDB progressive. Hit 4444s there for $104.

and hit the Fitz for quad kings and... FREE MEAT! WAHOO!

Played some more back at the Four Queens and after another quad and a break, hit AAAA AGAIN for $100.

That's three sets of Aces in one day!

Hit KKKK again and headed off to Magnolia's to phone the Big Flusher and have a Club Sandwich. The bacon in the club sandwich was only medium dodgy so it was pretty good.

All signs of the movie they were filming are gone. Still don't know what it was.

For some reason there are a lot of women at the Four Queens wearing Red Hats with feathers in and purple suits.

(RF: How silly can you be, clearly these are employees of Red Hat, the Linux distribution company. I did not know that Red Had supplied purple suits and hired only women over 50 though. It's almost as though they are in some sort of society.)

Anyway Friday was a good day. Ended up +$100 on the day and up $320 for the trip!

Maybe we should go solo more often. My last trip (reported here on this fine blog) was a winner. All Mrs. F needs is a Royal and she'd be right where I was at this time.

Can the great luck continue???!!!!

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