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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Loss of a Grand Finale

Our last day in Vegas. Got up pretty early as we had a 2:25 flight and we could get some playing time in.
I looked over at the wadded up subway wax paper ball in the garbage can and shuddered.

We decided to play at Main Street Station on just one of our cards so as to keep our daily average up there.

Settled in, got a coffee and the Quad Queen went on an absolute quad tear. She was amazing.
In the course of one hour she got six quads to my two.

That's a $3 card on top!
She hit the Aces on quarter bonus poker for $100. She switched up to 50 cent and got another quad. She switched up to dollar bonus poker and got the Aces a second time, this time for $400.

In that one mini-session she went from $40 in to $400. I was doing not so great, nothing really awful. Decided to play some slot, some Double Diamond Strike thing.

Man did I find a loose slot to play. It was one of those where you never win anything big, but you play for a long time. Most I won was 80 credits. I pounded that sucker for a full half an hour on $20. Cheap thrills, that, and a good way to pump up the slot points.

Grabbed breakfast at the buffet on points. A quick accounting showed I was down $180 and Mrs. F. was up $200.

After breakfast we did some of the higher-level play we wanted to do on this trip. So far we hadn't hit squat on it and in fact have never hit anything significant on a higher denom video poker machine, not so much as a quad.

$100 went into the $5 Wheel of Meat machine just outside the Triple 7 Brewpub. We've seen tons of folks win on this thing but never got to spin the wheel and didn't win dick.

Next we each loaded up a hundy into a Bonus Poker machine. I was going to play $25 a hand and Mrs. F was on the $2 level for $10 a hand. How can I make this suspenseful when I didn't win fuck-all? I didn't even win a pair.

Four hands of nothing. I have video of it but it is too brutal to even look at.

Mrs. F played through her $2 play without much happening. I decided to play a hundy on $2 as well. $10 a throw video poker. I eyeballed the paytable and dreamed of what riches various hands would represent.

Four measly Aces was worth $800. A royal flush, Eight Grand. MMM mmm.

I played and went down a bit, then got a full house and went up a bit. Played some more and got some sweet hands. Even had four to a royal once.

I found myself at $190. I decided to keep playing but cash out if I hit $100 again. Dropped. Dropped. Then dealt a full house. Then had a straight. Had a string of winners and the meter is approaching $300.

This is starting to get to be a nice win. Should I cash out and keep it? If I keep playing will I play it into the ground like I have on so many other occasions? Or should I go for it? When will I have the opportunity to do this again???

I kept playing. Dropped a bit, then a bunch more winners and I was up to $350 in the machine. Same questions going through my head.

I gave it a good college try and dropped straight down. When I hit $250, I bailed and booked the $150 win. Whew!

We headed back to the Four Queens and checked in with the hosts - the 5 day stay there was comped and all our food at Magnolias was picked up. That's a lot of free country fried steak and eggs with throwup sauce!

Hit the Player's Club booth for our cashback and our pal Jay was there. He fixed us up and we had more cashback then we've ever had before. I guess we are playing a lot.

Mrs. Flusher had $101 and I had about half that. Hers was from 2 stays though, one from her solo week, and the second with me.

Interestingly, Mrs. Flusher's coin in was $35,915. And her coin out was $31, 859 That's a lot of screwing around to lose $60. But as long as the country throw-up sauce meals and free rooms keep coming, who cares?!

Hit the bar and gave it hell.

What a time to have trouble getting quads. We poured the money in there for about an hour and a half. It was almost time to get our stuff down for the limo to the airport. With about 2 minutes to go I held two 3s and got two more for $100. No kicker. The very next hand, I held two 3s and got two more for $100. No kicker.

Limo guy was excellent, we'll ask specifically for him again instead of the dork that picked Mrs. F up. Hit the airport, where 'we always win', right? I mean we've had this amazing last ditch airport streak. OMG it was brutal, between the two of us we dumped about $450 at the frigging airport. Didn't win a thing.

The flight to Toronto was unremarkable except for the fact that I had a guy who thought he was a rapper next to me. Wearing a track suit and all kinds of fake bling. And of course I had the elbow in my ribs the whole way home, same as on the way out.

Good connection to the Aero-Spatiale Beechdeath 52 eleven-seater Fokker tri-plane flight to Flusherville Regional Aerodrome but a pretty bumpy ride.

We came in with a strong crosswind and that Beechdeath 52 was bucking and pitching like it was doing a reverse cowgirl. The pilot brought it in all skewed, touched a wheel and cut the power to let the plane drop to the runway as gracefully as an anvil.

The crotchety old bag next to me summed it up perfectly.

"Did we land or were we shot down?"


This was a great trip. Mrs. Flusher had been in Vegas for 14 nights, and myself for the last 7. All our room nights were comped and all our meals except one (ElCo) were comped. We played a lot more, and a lot more at higher denoms so we are interested to see if our offers improve.

The final tally on this trip was:

Royal Flusher: +$176 for the trip
Quad Queen: -$1116 for the trip
Combined -$940 It's no wonder they keep inviting us back.

I'm not competitive but it is nice to be able to remind Mrs. F. that I have had two winning trips in a row, and out Royaled her on this trip to boot. I do this two to three times per day.

I'm back at North American Veeblefetzer setting up the size 7 grommet line for the special Muy Whang red grommet run.

I wish I was back in Vegas already. I promised myself to return.

And when I do, I'll bring you loyal readers along for the ride.


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