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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mess with their heads

Yes, I finally got one, quad sixes for $32. Nothing fancy, but the ice is broken.

Mrs. Flusher followed up my inaugural trip quad by pulling one of her own - four Aces again for $100. Later on she got 5555 - on the redeal. What is up with that, a second quad on the redeal. That's why she's the Quad Queen, I guess.

We went up to the Royal Pavillion and did the slot tournament. My favorite feisty octagenarian from my last trip was there - the one that wanted to 'implode every dump downtown'. She remembered me and remembered where I'm from and introduced herself as Bess. I hope I have half her feist when I'm her age.

We did the slot tournament. I'd asked what a good score was and the cutie running it said about 5,000 pernts. It's only a five minute deal so that's good. And I scored just under 4,000 pernts. Mrs. F didn't do well - only 2,400. If I have a stellar round tomorrow, I might finish in the money. And first prize is like $4,500. As well, one person in 12 gets a $50 spot prize in tomorrow's rounds.

We got in the elevator with a few other folks and I remarked loudly "I doubt anyone is going to best my 9,000 pernts". I like to mess with the enemy's heads
Hit the bar at Four Queens for some libations and some Double Double B.

We worked our way back to MSS playing a machine here and there and not doing much but lose. Lunch was at the 777 brewpub - excellent Chicken Phillys with onion rings and a cold High Roller Gold lager.

Gambling wise, things aren't good - Mrs. Flusher has lost her $540 stake, plus $20 more. She took the walk of shame and cashed $600 in traveller's cheques. I'm down $160 on the day - $-480 on the trip. Not great for less than 24 hours in Vegas.

After lunch we went at it again. I sat down at Bonus Poker and on the second hand nailed (QQQ)Q for $31 (ATUTDS). Played Loose Deuces for half an hour solid, which was kinda great. And of course got quad 3s, which was not kinda great. $5 instead of megabucks on other games.

I got my ATUTDS anyway - I can always use another $2 'jackpot'. For those of you that haven't been paying attention to previous posts - And The Usual Two Dollar Scratchcard = ATUTDS.

After a while and a few more 20s in I switched to DDB and got (999)9 for $62. ATUTDS. At least it seemed like the quads were starting to come. At this point all the booze, pills, noise and cheap broads were starting to get to me. Went up to the room, curled up with my teddy, and took a nap to try to wash away the losses in sweet dreamy sleep.

I dreamed of massive losses.
Mrs. Flusher wanted to sleep more so I went back down to the casino alone. I felt lucky. Hit Treasure Chest and got a quad for the lowest jackpot - $35, ATUTDS. I'd put in 20 and took out 60, so that was good. Then I decided to take a flyer on the dollar machine.

I fired up Bonus Poker and slipped in a hundo. That's when I held two Aces and hit this beauty.

Being a savvy gamblester is tiring, so I went up and took another rest, and wrote some of this blog. Grabbed a shower and was ready to go.

The MSS showers are great. The light drizzle hits you squarely in the navel. Periodically, without warning, the water turns abruptly burning hot for about 1/4 of a second. By the time you react, it is back to normal. Depending on what you are washing at the time, it can be quite a painful thrill. Like the Cosmo, its just the right amount of wrong scalding burning water on your balls.

I went after it, thinking I was invincible after the $400 win. Played a hundo in dollar Bonus Poker and of course, dumped it. We switched to 50 cent and Mrs. Flusher picked up a nice heart straight flush for $125.

Dinner was at the Cal. I asked about a Western sandwich again - it seems they've never heard of one.

They don't make a Denver sandwich either.

So I ordered an omelette and toast and made my own, Jack Nicholson style. I told the waiter to hold the turkey between his thighs and for a moment I thought I was gonna get punched.

Tried the dollar Treasure Chest and I dumped another 40 beans with nothing to show for it. The Quadus Queenus got a quad and picked the lowball chest for $140.

At this point, still tired from travel and a short night, I gave in and headed up. Mrs. Flusher followed soon after, after having gotten another quad on 50 cent DDB for $125.

Those were the highlights, the gaps are filled with dumping 20s into machines. It really wasn't a good day and for me could have been quite bad.

Here are the stats at the end of the Wednesday: RF: up only $34 after all the nonsense, down -$286 on the trip. MF: down $-556 on the day and -$896 on the trip

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