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Friday, May 6, 2011

Nice roll, Mr. Nick!


Had a pretty good sleep and headed down early for my $21 cup of coffee.

Mrs. Flusher got going with a traditional 6:30am shot of Crown and some gambling. After all, its not like we are degenerates or anything - as I pointed out, it's actually 9:30am back home.

Played some Bonus Poker and enjoyed the quiet of the casino. We hung in there for half an hour or so without much happening, so the Quad Queen switched to DDB.

First hand out of the gate on DDB she holds a single Ace and picks up 3 more for a quick $200 hit.

Meanwhile, not much happening for me, so we changed location to some Bonus Deluxe on the south side of the Casino.

I kept losing, so made my own big move to DDB. If you are at risk, take more risk, I always say!

After about a minute I was dealt 2222 - awesome. Here's the fun part, I got to pull for the kicker to double it up to $200.

Nope, got a Queen. Damn!

Hit some more quads including a nice $100 quad fives for the Mrs. on Boner Deluxe.

Had breakfast at the buffet, nice omelette courtesy of Manny the throwing omelette guy. Some fruit, and some taters with country throw-up sauce on. Mmmmm mm.

I dumped a hundy on dollar Double Double. Notes say 'came close'. That means I lost $100.

Took a rest and then decided to play some dollar BP. I dumped $60 that way while Mrs. F. hit quad fives again for $125. She played it out and cashed out her original buy-in, trying to hit the big one.

I think I've gotten bamboozled by my dollar wins. Dumping it back is just too fast if you don't hit anything.

It was time to head over to the Four Queen's for the slot tourney part deux. Stopped at the Vegas Club. I think their lowball ad campaign and loosened slots are bringing people in. Have read a lot of folks who say the place stinks and they can't stand it. I never noticed it until today.

The famous Vegas stink-air was wafting around the place like a horny teenaged second cousin around a bunch of bridesmaids. Sifting here and there where you don't really want it.

I think what's happening is sewer gas is finding its way into the ventilation. Same smell you get around the IP and outside Caesars all the time. I'm not sure why we tourists should complain because it is our 1.2 million buffet-driven poops per day that cause it in the first place.

Anyway, this day there truly was something foul about the baseball themed Vegas Club. Just for fun, Mrs. F. got a quad on Deuces - on the redeal. Third time in 24 hours or so. Never seen anything like it. We took a minor beating there and went on our way.

Hit some Super Double Double Bonus to kill time until the tourney. Mrs. Flusher hit Sixes for $62 while I dumped $60.

At this point, I was down $280 on the day. I'd let the $400 win blind me and was now in a losing streak. I did pretty well in the slot tournament, but I think I'm out of the money. Slightly less than 4000 points. Mrs. F didn't do as well, so she's for sure out of the money. Didn't win anything on the drawing either.

It was interesting hearing a lot of people talk about how they didn't have a chance because 'some guy hit for 9000 points yesterday'.

Royal Flusher Slot Tournament Rule #6: If you can't beat 'em, mess with their minds so they quit the tournament and you have a better chance.

Got our room at the Four Queens. Whilst checking in, my Royal Flusher Gambler-vision clicked in and spied some coupons that included $10 Match Plays. I asked if we could have some and the desk clerk handed over a sheet each, even though we weren't supposed to get them. Score!

We went back to MSS and checked out there. No charge.

So far between us both, all room nights have been comped, and all meals comped or on points. Not too bad.

Shlepped our bags back to the Queens and hauled ass up to the room. The room was not to my liking - I have certain secret rooms that are situated so as to have certain secret attributes and the desk clerk misunderstood my specific request. This has nothing to do with the change rooms at Girls of Glitter Gulch. Nothing.

I made Mrs. Flusher go back down and get us an appropriate room while I waited in air conditioned comfort and typed up some blog notes. We changed rooms and the new one was a disaster.

Still dirty and stinking from the previous piggy smoking in a non smoking room subway eating littering bathroom destroying occupants.


We locked up our luggage as best we could. The previous dorkoramas had left the safe locked, of course. Fucking tools.

Then I spied, amongst the debris on the carpet three things. A nickel.

And two coupon books. Fun books, actually. I did not know the FQ had fun books and do not know the circumstances of their out-giving. But these little beauties included all sorts of freebies and 2-4-1s.

As if to make up for the grotty room we now had on our person the following coupons:

Four 2-4-1 entrees at Magnolias
Two 2-4-1 entrees at Binions Cafe
Three $10 matchplays
Two 2-1-4 breakfasts at Magnolias
Various and sundry 2-4-1 drinks, admissions what not.

All told these could be worth like $100 in cash and food.

Decided to play something non-volatile and 'safe' - 50 cent Jacks or Better. Dumped $40 in three minutes.

Because of the schlepping of the luggage, we needed to apply some muscle relaxants, so we hit the bar - at this point I was down $300 on the day. Borrowed a 20. Lost it. Took the walk of shame and cashed $400 in traveller's cheques.

Hammered back the Absoluts, while Mrs. F tossed back a bunch of shots of Jameson's. She was rewarded with (222)2 with a 3 kicker for $205. Meanwhile I plugged away.

After some time broke the ice with quad 5s for $62 and Mrs. Flusher matched with quad Queens.

We were pretty well lubricated and grabbed lunch at Magnolia's (Dirty Room 2-4-1!). Mrs. F had the Philly Cheese which I didn't recommend and now she doesn't recommend. I had my usual Country Fried Steak and Eggs with Country Throw-up Gravy on.

Hit the 'safe' Jacks or Better again and managed one $32 quad to Mrs. Flushers three $62 quads (she was playing 50 cent).

I really get tired of losing streaks. We headed over to the Fremont so I could shoot some dice, while the Fremont Filly found funding for Pick'em. I bought in for a hundy and the table was choppy. Dropped half my buy-in and then had a decent roll for myself, making a few points. I think the turning point was when a good-looking young woman at the end of the table smiled at me after I made a point. I smiled back and promptly threw the dice off the table and pretty much out the door onto Fremont St. I'm just that smooth.

Dice worked their way around the table, things were up and down. The exotic tall young thing had a nice roll, and the next guy dumped.

I was down to about $30 and figured I was finished. I'd been betting $5 on the line with $10 back, and either placing the 6 and 8 or making one to two consecutive come bets, both with double odds.

The next shooter got going and made some numbers. His roll counter started to climb and he was making points, and shooting sevens only on the come-out. Around roll 12 he made a 10 point and things really started to get interesting. The chips were coming back, all my come bets were coming in and the row of reds in my rack was growing.

I placed numbers, pressed some of them, they still came in. Guy rolled me four or five sixes which I had placed. He got up to 30 rolls before he sevened out. At that point I had about $45 or $50 on the table, and colored up with $203 in my rack. The guy took me from $30 to $250. Too bad he sevened out or I could have tripled my stake, as it was I was over double and that's good enough for me on a losing day.

Nice roll, Mr. Nick!

Mrs. Flusher meanwhile hit a Pick'em Quad for $150. We headed over to the Smug Nugget to give them a bit of play, hoping to generate some offers. Mrs. F. hit quad 2s for $50 and I got diddly, dumping back $40.

We took a rest and I assessed my losing situation. I needed to flim flam around and generate a stake without going too much more in the hole.

Match plays, and maybe $10 freeplay at the Fitz came to mind.

We headed down to do battle. I wanted to do both matchplays together on the same bet, all or nothing. I picked red on roulette. Gave Mrs. F her $10 and we both put $10 and our coupons on Red. Ball spun around and came in on... 5, red. Won them both!!!! That was a quick $40 profit, and some playing money.

We headed over to the Fitz through the hot Vegas night, out the side of the Four Queens and in the back. Turns out there was no freeplay so I hit the free meat machine and slipped in a 20. Played for a bit and was dealt four 10s! $32 and FREE MEAT. Maybe I'll have the chicken with it. Had a good run on that machine and cashed out with $40 in profit. Were things turning around?

Went back to the Fremont for Pick'em but the machines were occupied. We sat down at DDB and first hand, Mrs. F hits quad jacks for $62. How does she do that???

I lost 20 or 40, had a few drinks. Got on the Pick'em and lost 20. Tried Bonus Deluxe and got (AAA)A for $100. Am I back? Pocketed the win and put a fresh 20 in.

Mrs. Flusher hit ANOTHER Pick'em Quad for $150, and I hit 8s on SDDB for $62. I AM back. We sat and played for over an hour, I played out that win and packed it in for the day.

I ended up down -$296 for the day. Could have been a LOT worse if not for the craps win, matchplays, and quad Aces.

Mrs. Flusher ended up with a profit of $270 on the day. That's what happens when you get almost four times the number of quads I did. She is now down $626 on the trip, which is nothing, considering she's been her like 10 days now.

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