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Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Smell and People Pepper

Because Norbert put the kibosh on the big red size 7 grommet run for Muy Whang, there won't be any OT for any of us on the line this weekend.

I put my Saturday to good use drinking about 6 or 7 k-cups and trying to clip Chippy's nails. They are getting a bit long but my hands were shaking so bad I had 3 or 4 more k-cups to settle them. This seemed to make it worse so I just sanded them down instead with some 40 grit I had kicking around from an old project. I just tried to hold my hand still and let the k-cups do the work.

Mrs. Flusher:

Went down in morning, sat at the bar and played. The bartenders wanted to know if I'd be watching the Flyer's game. They were decked out in Flyer's jerseys.

"I’m cheering for Boston," I said, since I have $10 on my favorite NHL team, Boston. Came back to the bar for the game and early on 4444 for $200.

Those winnings lasted me the entire game.

Drank Jameson’s with a coke back, watched and played.

Drained the win away but lasted 2 ½ hours on just $20 put into the machine. T

he bartenders kept call me "Bruins fan" and when Boston was clearly going to win this blowout, they yelled at me, "Bruins fan - you're CUT OFF!"

Everyone enjoyed themselves.

A great way to spend some time in Vegas. At the end of game, I said I needed my victory shot.

The barkeep brought a strange looking orange concoction, the color of a Flyer's jersey. Smelled awful, like Koolaid. "Yeah, don’t drink that.," he said. "I just wanted you to have something orange."

He brought Cognac instead. After that, everything I tried, I lost. Lost at the Fitz.

Something written in my notes says “no smell and people pepper”. I have no idea what it means.

I notice that the music played in the casinos seems quieter now.

Went back to room, msged Royal Flusher that I was even on the day. Went place to place to place lost and lost. Went to Walgreens, topped up the cell phone.

Ended up down $290 on day.
Brutal gambling reality has set in. The Quad Queen is in quad drought and is only up $30 on the trip. Maybe the glory days of this trip are over.

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