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Saturday, May 7, 2011

A Room Full of Elvises

I started the day out on Bonus Poker at the Four Queens and on my 3rd 20 put in, a nice Straight Flush for $62.

I'd played a while without a quad so switched to (short pay!) Double Double Bonus and 2 minutes later...

Aces WITH KICKER for a sweet $500 hit, my biggest of the trip so far.

Hit another quad on BP later on, while Mrs. F. couldn't hit a thing. By breakfast (Magnolias, Dirty Room coupon 2-4-1) I was up $420 on the day and she was down $190.

Hit the bar DDB and dropped a few bucks each. Took a rest, and did some blogging for yesterday.

Strolled over to the Fitz and tried the Meat Machines. I still had a coupon from yesterday, and we needed a second for lunch.

Oh lookee what I got:

So, another set of Aces, another $200 in my bankroll, and a free lunch.

We figured it was time to visit the ElCo since I hadn't made it over there yet this trip. Stuck my head in the Coin-in Video Game bar and lounge - it was closed, but the place looks nice Clark, real real nice.

I lost $40 trying to recapture the magic on my Deuces machine from last trip - no 2nd Royal though. Mrs. Flusher tried a similar machine but found it too slow so she hit the nice flatscreens at the bar. Managed a couple of $62 quads, but played it all out.

I had $15 free play and used it up - got nothing.

Tried some single deck Blackjack. The pit boss came over and said hello and introduced himself.

This after my embarrassing $20 buy-in. But it's happened before, the guy is just good at making you feel welcome. I got on a good run with a bunch of double downs and some 3:2 blackjacks (yes, the real deal) and cashed out $50 when it was done.

Went back to the Fitz and ordered two plates of the twenty-five minute 'the Colonel can go fuck himself this is the best chicken I've ever tasted' chicken. While looking forward to our free meal thanks to the Meat coupons, we dumped $20 on keno tickets, and about $70 between us at the bar DDB.


The chicken was as good as always. I had baked with mine, trying to keep the sodium down, which is impossible here in Las Vegas.

Back to the Four Queens - and this is where it starts getting fuzzy.

Played a bunch of Bonus Poker - I didn't do much, but the Quad Queen got two, and 7777 on dollar JoB for $125.

We took a break and I was still up $440 on the day, with Mrs. F at minus $230.

Our air conditioning was not working properly in the room, so stopped by the desk to chat up the clerk. She said she could get someone up there to fix it. I spied me some of them Fun Books right by the computer and asked her about them. She gave me one.

Mrs. Flusher piped up, "Can I have one too?" knowing damn well she couldn't refuse.

So we have two more full sets of Dirty Too Hot Room coupons to use including those valuable $10 match plays.

We have a friendly rivalry with a couple of the bartenders at the FQ as they are cheering for Philadelphia, while we are cheering for Boston. For me, it's mostly because Mrs. F has $10 riding on them. We have been having a ton of laughs with these guys and amazing service.

Headed to the bar hopefully to watch the game but it wasn't being shown on stupid Versus.

We couldn't get two bartop machines side by side so I gave Mrs. F the seat and stood next to her - the guys comped us both drinks anyway and the Gentleman Jack and Jameson's started to flow. Now and again I would push the Deal button for Mrs. Flusher.

On one such occasion, this resulted:

Whammy, Quad 3s with kicker for $232!!! Cash the ticket out and start again.

And five minutes later, she hit this:

Holy crap, in 5 minutes, her losses for the day were almost sorted! We were having a great time, tossing 'em back, and joking with the boys.

Hey, look what I managed to get:

Of course, I caught shit for not getting the kicker.

So I tried again:

This was turning into one of those gambling and drinking sessions you'll never forget. At one point, I went to the men's room and saw Elvis.

I came back to the bar and told the guys to 'cut me off, I just saw Elvis. I'm hallucinating.'

It turns out there is an Elvis competition downtown this weekend. Whew.

We were pretty chuffed at all the premium low quads we were getting, but were still wondering if we could pull off the Aces.

In fact, we were pretty much ready to go and I said, "Hang on I think I have one more in me." Played another minute and just about fainted when...

My third set of Aces for the day.

Take a close look, those bullets were DEALT to me. Held them and tried for the kicker, but was denied. No complaints from me though. Still, woulda been sweet.

The QQ pumped another quad out too - dealt 9999 for $62.

We thanked the barkeeps and regrouped. The stats were amazing.

Mrs. Flusher totally turned her losses for the day around, and I turned my TRIP around. She was +$90 on the day, and I was $+660 on the day, and up $70 for my trip.

Swung over to the Smug Nugget and plunked down at Bonus Poker. We'd had too much to drink so ordered some shots. One of the cocktail waitresses was showing off a ring which had gold spheres on it.

So I loudly slurred, "That's one hell of a place to have your BALLS!"

Well this started a torrent of comments and laughter by 3 or 4 waitresses, and everyone within earshot.

Waitress: "Oh yeah, yesterday she was wearing them on her TOE."

RF: "I can't imagine a more painful way to walk."

Mrs. F: "Hey, she's got six balls, what about you?"

RF: "Yeah I'm not half the man SHE IS! BWAAA HAHAHA!"

We must go back tomorrow and see where the balls are hanging.

Swung by the high limit area and watched some folks who operate in a very different world from me. Hubby playing the $25 slot, wifey playing the $100 slot. Watched her spin away $500 in 30 seconds.

Hubby gets an 'offer' on the bonus round for 35 coins. That's 35 times $25. you do the math. I can't. He turns it down.

We walked off and I took a side view of these folks - they were each sitting there with a STACK of hundys in one hand, just feeding the chrome monsters. God love 'em.

Dinner over at Binions - Dirty Room 2-4-1 Cafe coupons which we used for burgers. Stupidly we played DDB to try to earn enough comp dollars to pay for one burger. I dropped $20 and the missus dropped $40. Thank goodness for the fucking coupon.

Burger was amazingly great as always, meal 'cost' only $4.32. (Plus $60.)

Watched some Elvises performing and with the live band, they were sounding really good.

I took the elevator up to the Royal Pavillion stalking following one of the Elvi, because I wanted to try to get a picture of a room full of Elvises. Sure enough they were all up there, but the security drone shooed me away and wouldn't let me get a pic.

Final stats: Mrs. Flusher $+50 on the day, $-576 for the trip. Royal Flusher, +$560 on the day, down $30 on the trip. Life is good with a room full of Elvises.

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