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Monday, May 9, 2011

Royal Flusher and the Lion's Share

Sunday started off with a bang. There I was at the bar at the Four Queen's, minding my own business, playing a little Double Double Bonus poker to start the day.

It gets a little exciting when you are dealt four to a royal, and there's a lot of anticipation around hitting the Draw button to go for that fifth card that could mean a huge win.

This was no different, but I approached it with confidence. I said out loud, "Okay, four-to-a-royal, I need the King of Clubs right THERE."

I hit the button, and started to cry like a baby because I had now caught up to my Little Flusherette in the Royal count.

Oh yeah, baby, that's the way you do it.

Later on the Flyer-fan bartenders made me a special Go Flyers 'pussy' drink because Mrs. Flusher was out-drinking me 2-1. Could I help it if I was hung over?

We moved over to Jacks and Mrs. Flusher hit a quad on dollars for $125 in an attempt to catch up. But good on her, she turned $20 into $210 in five minutes.

A quick accounting showed the Flusher's budget's were healthy and combined, we were up around $330 for the trip. Mrs. Flusher was only $46 bucks off even, amazing for a 2 week gambling extravaganza.

I hit a BJ table and had a great run with a very helpful dealer named Yum Yum. I think she might have been a Bond girl about 30 years ago.

Bought in for $100 and cashed out two black chips.

We hit the strip, taking the WAX bus to Tropicana for two bucks. That's how I roll.

Hit the Lion's Share progressive at MGM and had an interesting convo with the attendant, who wishes someone would win the thing already, she is so sick of having to hand pay everyone who cashes out on that relic.

I asked her if the machine was getting more play lately and she said, yes, yes it is. I told her its because we are all posting about it on the internet and putting pictures up. She scowled at me and scurried off.

I played a hundy and hit for $60 and $150. Cashed out $200, so doubled my buy-in. What a day I was having! Mrs. Flusher gave it a shot but dumped a hundred. She also played the one next to it gunning for 1.2 mil, but no go.

Had a few cocktails, played a few other slots and some weird video poker game I'd never seen before. It deals you only 4 cards to start. You make your hold, and then draw. The fifth card shows up then.

Of course, the quad queen managed a quad on it.

We'd been saving a few quarters in our pockets for Sigma Derby. Managed to get a seat and I put our quarters in. I looked down to see Mrs. Flusher repeatedly pressing the button for the horse combination that is 148-1 odds.


She kind of figured that if she kept pressing it, it would recycle. But I don't think there is anyway to 'undo' a Sigma Derby bet.

So we got to play one race, and bailed. The 148-1 longshot didn't come in and I forgave the button pressing silliness.

We played a bunch on the 9/6 DDB at Excalibur and pretty much dumped a bunch of money there. Grabbed the bus back and had an unimpressive dinner at the Flame in the ElCo. I think I'm done with the Flame. Two bad meals in a row there.

We really had very few quads this day compared to most. In fact, without the Royal, we took an ass kicking. Thank goodness royals show up.

The stats:

RF: +$500 for the day, $-50 on the trip.
QQ: -$560 on the day. $-716 on the trip.

Actually, we are really -$2,233,074.72 on the trip, because we didn't win the Lion's Share progressive.

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    1. Love the picture of the "bed of hundys"LOL


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