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Monday, May 9, 2011

The Streak and The Royal

Today was one of those weird days. Actually, every day in Vegas is kinda weird. And when the going gets weird, the weird play Sigma Derby (and also turn pro).

We started off with 100 play nickels which is kind of fun. Mrs. F. got a royal on it but that doesn't really count. $40 for that. I dumped 40 there. And then I promptly dumped a hundy in 50 cent Jacks trying to get something going.

Hit a quad on Double Double at the bar but played it back. I was kind of in a hole.

Mrs. Flusher got a nice dealt straight flush, which is kind of remarkable.

I was craving Du-Par's crack cakes so headed over there for breakfast. They have a nice little special for $7.50 called the egg crack cake sandwich or some such. Couple of disks, and egg, sausage or bacon. I added coffee and feasted at the counter, while Mrs. F. checked out the Vegas Club.

Took some forlorn looking pics of the Plaza. I can't wait to see it reborn.

I wanted to see if this doorway on the original Golden Gate building was still there - I saw a picture of it from long ago that showed a woman standing in this doorway on a Vegas History site. This would be like in the 20s or something.

Anyway, yes the doorway is visible, bricked in, but still visible, just above the 'R' in Restaurant.

By the time I caught up with Mrs. F she was taking a drubbing, and so was I. But there was a short pay Jacks bank with Royal progressive at $1750 and counting so we had at it.

That's where, on my third 20 in, my streak started. I banged that mother for all I was worth for 2 solid hours on that 20.

Here you can see my 400 credits.

And this is the point meter. $1 = 1 point so I put through $1218 in action in one session on one $20 bill. It works out to 974 hands, but who's counting - that is how a savvy gamblester like me does it!

Cashed out $100 and only ever had one quad. In fact I'd had none in 2 1/2 hours of play.

At this point I was down $180 on the day and the QQ minus $380. Gulp. Did I just say minus $380???

That's when we sidled up to the bar at the Four Queens and the DDB slaughter began. 20 after 20 went in and we had both dumped about 200 smackers each into those sticky fun loving machines.

But Mrs. Flusher pulled it out with a beautiful club Royal Flush for $1000. Nice.... !!!

Dinner was at Magnolia's with yet another Too Hot Too Dirty Room 2-4-1 Coupon's. We got chatting with a couple in the line-up and they invited us to our table. We spent a really nice hour chatting and eating with Don and Pauline, who are big time Escapees (RV'ers). They were really nice folks and we had a nice meal together, with everyone having prime rib. I even laid a Too Hot Too Dirty Room 2-4-1 Coupon on them for sharing their table with us.

I was down maybe $340 and dumped 40 more on Pick'em and Bonus Deluxe. And another hundy at Fremont's craps table.

It's weird. We had this spike of very good luck and the rest of the day was shite. Even with the royal, Mrs. F took a licking the rest of the time.

Mrs. Flusher got up in the middle of the night and snuck out for a $300 quad (Aces) on Triple Double Bonus, to pump up her numbers.

R.F. down $520 on the day and $550 on the trip.
Mrs. F up $420 on the day and down $156 on the trip.

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