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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vegas Reunion

I had one of those guys next to me in the 3 hour flight to Denver. He was pretty tall and pretty big and he kept touching me with his elbow, just under my arm. I fucking hate that. Makes it impossible to sleep and its just creepy.

Made it to Denver and ate the sandwich I'd bought at Starbucks just before boarding the plane. I knew that a lunch of olives and Granny soup wouldn't cut it.

Hauled ass to my gate for the flight to Vegas and who do I see? That same elbow dick. I almost went up to him and asked him what row he was in, just in case.

We took off from Denver and during the climbout there was some buffeting and a lot of noise. After 30 seconds it subsided. I'd never heard anything like this before.

The pilot came on and said, "There will be some buffeting and a lot of noise, like nothing you have ever heard before. I'm lowering the landing gear to cool off the brakes on the right side a bit."

People kind of looked around nervously and the sound did come back again.

My comment to the woman next to me was, "If he turns around now, we're in shit."

But he didn't and the rest of the trip was smooth.

Got to the luggage thing and waited and waited. Finally luggage came down and for some reason, one of the bags (not mine thank goodness) had a Trojan wrapper on it. It was a laff watching everyone's face as the bag went around and they saw it for the first time.

Got into Vegas after about 13 hours on the road. Grabbed a limo with a nice young African man driving who played me some of his African tunes. I really liked the rhythms and folk melodies in his music. He was nice enough to call Mrs. Flusher and handed me the phone. Limo ride was $40 and I slipped him an extra $20 for being a good young kid.

Dumped the bags, had a few kisses, and hit the casino! GAME ON!

Tried some dollar VP at the bar and pounded down about three Absolut rocks. Mrs. Flusher hit AAAA for $100, and another quad for $31. Not much happening for me.

Took a marker for $500 as my walking around money was gone. I was down $100 already.

We headed over to the Cal for the reliable Prime Rib special. Damn that is a good tasting piece of meat.

After dinner we played some Treasure Chest. Mrs. Flusher had two quads. One dealt to her.

And the other was on a REDEAL. This is extremely rare. For one thing, you don't throw away that many hands without holding something.

Decided to go for it and played $100 in dollar Treasure Chest. It was a bust.

I was pretty beat by then so I crashed, down $280. And I'd had no quads at all. Nothing like a flying start, eh?

Mrs. Flusher was down $80 on the day, and -$360 on her trip.

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