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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Arrived at the Smug Nugget - The Adventure Begins (but not for me)

Rather than take advantage of all sorts of comps and freebies for the 'lesser' downtown hotels, Mrs. F and the MotherFlusher have opted to pay (!) for the Golden Nugget.

The update from Vegas is that they arrived at about 10:30pm Friday night, the limo arrangements with Presidential worked out (hopefully they got soused on the sparkly Lavoris aftershave that Presidential refers to as Champagne - maybe it should really be referred to as sham pain - but anyway, it comes with the limo ride so we down it anyway) and they have checked into the Smug Nugget.

Apparently, for 'medical reasons' (i.e. the MotherFlusher hails from the pleistocene era) they were granted a mercy upgrade to the Gold tower. This is tres bonus because it means they are close enough to the action on Fremont to be able to run back to the room to 'make a buy-in' and they can use their walking time exploring the casinos rather than commuting the 2 full city blocks back to the cheapo towers.

At about 2:30am Eastern time they were headed down to the casino.

I feel all tingly even though I am 90000 miles away - the adventure begins, that first visit to the casino, the stench of sweat and excitement, clouds of those flavored cigarellos that ABC stores in the air... actually I think the tingly feeling might be this strange set of bites I've gotten. I need to see if there's a creme for this.

Next post will have some GAMBLING UPDATES!!!!!

The airport wi-fi guy feels tingly too.

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