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Friday, July 29, 2011

Barnes and Noble Can't Tell Time

Well, my Nook Color from Barnes and Noble still hasn't been delivered to the hotel.

Guess, what their 1-3 business day 'express shipping' consists of shipping a Nook Color from Sparks, NV to Las Vegas, then having it sit in their warehouse for a couple of days.

And then UPS hands the package over to the United States Postal Service.

Are you fucking kidding me???? How is this express, and how could this ever be 1-3 business days?

I'm watching the UPS tracking page like a hawk all day, my finger is sore from jabbing the F5 key for refresh, Mrs. Flusher won't take my calls anymore because I have been hounding her to go down to the Golden Nugget desk to check for it every 22 minutes.

The UPS page says it will be delivered today. I'm not sure what good that does me.

I've talked to the clowns on the Barnes and Noble support line and they told me that the first day of processing a shipment doesn't count as the first business day.

Are you kidding me? Can't they tell time?

I think this is serious misrepresentation of this delivery option. Babies have been conceived and delivered in less time than it will take my Nook to show up, if it shows up at all.

To add insult to injury, the B&N 800 number doesn't work from Flusherville - I have to call long distance just to end up on hold listening to their porno boink-boink music for what seems like hours on end.

Mrs. Flusher is almost even.

And she doesn't have the one little consolation I was hoping for in return for being stuck here making sure FatherFlusher has enough Molson near beer for the last 9 days - a little bit of digital happiness that the tools at Barnes and Noble can't figure out how to ship across the border.

Hmmm, does Borders have an e-reader, or did they go out of business for being as wretched at customer service as Barney-boy?
Mock up of the prescient Nook that I might never take possession of.

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