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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hitting the machines

Apparently the lineup at customs in Toronto was through the many lanes, along the full length of the snaking roped off line-up area, and out the door. Mrs. Flusher and the MotherFlusher were lucky to get through in time for their flight - they got interrogated, eyeballed, scanned, swabbed, patted up, down and sideways, and asked to polish the customs floor with stockinged feet, which they did.

Upon donning their shoes again, they headed straight to the gate and out to the plane.

Presidential was indeed waiting at Terminal 2 baggage claim the way they are supposed to, complete with a little sign that said, "MRS. FLUSHER" and below that in smaller print "Ass, Gas or Grass, Nobody rides for Free"

The ladies saddled up and cracked open the bottle of Chateau Velva 2011 and high-tailed it down to the Smug Nugget.

As mentioned they got the mercy upgrade, and the MotherFlusher wanted to have a bath of all things, while Mrs. F headed down to the casino. She hit a couple of quads in her first session.

The day finished with her up $20 and off to a good start in Las Vegas, the Holyland of Holylands. Las Vegas translated means 'where my money resides' and I asked her to bid it greetings.

Saturday Morning and breakfast at the Carson St. Cafe. Don't know what they had though. Then they proceeded to pop the MotherFlushers Video Poker cherry.

In fact, I got a call from one of my favorite spots, the venerable bar at the Four Queens that saw so much drunken DDB action last trip. The MotherFlusher had hit her first quad already, and had just got a straight flush. She's checking the boxes fast! Meanwhile the Quad Queen is down $100 on the day.

I had her play a few hands of dollar action over the phone but she only broke even. So nothing super-magnanimous to report here.

One good thing about this is I was figuring the MotherFlusher would just play on Mrs. F's cards. I asked about that but the QQ said she'd gotten her own to take advantage of the new sign-up freebies. I guess that makes sense. Maybe after that she'll swing back to the QQs card.

After all, if I have to sit back here in Flusherville while they have the fun, the least she can do is donate her action to our account right?

I am just not going to be happy unless I can figure out how to get something out of this.

Not that I am a bitter guy.

When I get screwed.

While others have all the fun.

And I have to sit here with some warm canned beer.

And take care of the Chippy all by myself.

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    1. Another Flusher Report!!! Love them always!!! They really make the wait to get back a lot better. Even I hope for you!! Thanks for always taking the time and effort to write up each trip. Keep the updates coming!!



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