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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Radio Silence except for Cion Deline

Mrs. Flusher and the MotherFlusher are having way too much fun in steamy Las Vegas to even tell me how much money they have lost.

Here's a few facts that I know. They did have the 'Colonel-can-go-fuck-himself-this-is-the-best-fried-chicken-in-the-world' fried chicken at the Fitz.

Stock stand-in fried chicken photo.
And they have been spending my retirement on Limos and probably speed.

If they still call it 'speed'.

They saw 'O' the other night (via expensive I paid for it limo) and then Jubilee (with tits) last night (via expensive I paid for it limo).

And Mrs. F had the gall to play a $25 a pull slot at Bellagio (prior to 'O' I suppose). She also had the gall to put in $100 and take out $175. And she hit a dealt quad on the $2 machine for $400.

Having said that, the report is she lost $400 yesterday but was up $360 today, and they were on their way to Cion Deline at Caesars.

I didn't ask her how much the MotherFlusher is paying her to listen to Cion Deline.

Meanwhile, things are really 'hotting up' here at the FatherFlusher's. Tonight we played 'It's for you' so hang up on the neighbor. Three times in succession. I don't think Ruth is really wanting for the MotherFlusher and FatherFlusher to come to their New Brunswick Extravaganza Slide Show Night now!

(Unless they bring Bridge Mixture.)

Did I mention that FatherFlusher has a penchant for setting the thermostat to 46 degrees farenheit? The last 3 nights running I've woken up with snot icicles on my nose.

He blames 'those kids' even though there have been no kids anywhere near this house for 2 weeks now.

Let's see, what else...

Today I traded Jimmy chicken salad sandwiches for his roast beef ones. Except it wasn't, it was tuna. Jimmy doesn't know the difference so I made out like a sandwich bandit on that deal. It was almost as exciting as being in Vegas and having drinks brought to you while you dump every cent I am earning on this hot, steamy, boring, goddam size 7 grommet line into the maw of the flusherflushing video poker machines.

Did I mention how funny it looks when Jimmy almost drops his sandwich because of the fingertip he lost 37 days ago? Its healed up pretty good but he is still adjusting. I told him he should see the insurance man but Jimmy says that is a mugs game, they never pay out anything, and besides, how is he going to prove anything when we can't even find his fingertip?

Maybe when we do our bi-annual strip-down of the machinery on the line, we'll find Jimmy's ticket to riches, or at least a few thou for a fingertip lost in action.

In all this rambling, I've determined basically, that it's great to be in Vegas, and its sucks to be me.

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