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Friday, July 29, 2011

The Things You Hear in Vegas

One thing you don't hear is the delivery of my shiny new forbidden Barnes and Noble Nook Color.

That piece of crap still hasn't arrived.

Meanwhile, I understand the Missus F. was at the MGM G. playing the Lion's S.

In fact, the jackpot on that sucker is up to 2.3 million dollars. And I happened to phone the Quad Queen while she was playing it.

"I got $15!"

"My Nook hasn't arrived."

"I'm up to $130 - I put $100 in! Oh, I hit for $15 again. And AGAIN!"

"It isn't here yet - can you go check on it?

"Nothing. Nothing. $15 win again!"

"My Nook hasn't arrived."

Basically after 5-6 days in Vegas, she is down maybe $700 or $800. Not bad, but a Royal would fix it.

Because there is not much remotely playable on the strip in low denominations, Mrs. F took some flyers on 50-cent and dollar high volatility VP. Wouldn't you know it, on 50 cent Double Double Bonus, she was dealt three 3s and nailed the fourth with Ace kicker for $400.

And on dollar Triple Bonus Poker Plus, she hit quad 3s again from two for a $600 score. Now that is more like it!!!

She cashed out a ticket for $750, which made it very easy to sit through that old chestnut, KA. (Actually, Ka is kariffic.)

Back at the Nugget, they played some things, lost for a while, and then the QQ went on one of her world famous runs hitting three quads within 15 minutes. On three different machines. ALL OF THEM DEALT.

A Dealt Quad
They played the old coin-dropper pick'em machines in the Fremont and heard some interesting drunk Vegas snippets from a guy and a girl.

"Trying to find a lady like way to ask this but is there a reason why she wants to chill it off?"

"Triple fisting it, OK?"

"Not like its illegal, but there is something dirty about it."

"In Vegas one of us learned how to do this."

"The stiff dog, Mr. T are awesome."

"OMG my buns are just red."

"He said he was the third one to puke."

"Its his 50th birthday, so all he wants to do is lay on stuff so you can take his picture."

What does it all mean? What triple fists in Vegas gets red and stays in Vegas.

By the end of the day she was down only $340 on the trip. I told her "you could easily have a winning trip if you get lucky at the airport".

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