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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Breathe right!

I've become enamoured of those plastic strips you put on your nose. You used to see only football players wearing these, or other professional sports types.

Did you know these can help you breathe???

A doctor I had some years ago told me I had a deviant septum and that's partly why I have some of these issues sucking good ole H2O into my lungs.
I have been putting them on my nose lately to wrench open my rather snug nostrils and heave my deviant septum into submission, hopefully into a position I can live with. Literally.

I am a bit concerned that these springy adhesive strips, which are sort of like shock absorbers for your schnozz, will leave me with permanent Elephant Man like damage. 

I really don't want to look like a Gorilla, but I do want to be able to breathe. And if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. That's why I've been applying SIX of these strips to my nose each and every night.

Is it helping? 

Would I go around with half a pound of spring-loaded sticky plastic on my face if I didn't think so?

The real problem with these - and they really do work wonders - is the price. Talkin' like 60 cents a piece. I'm on the lookout for a knockoff breathe right strip. Anyone know if the Wal-mart knock-offs are any good? The other thing I don't understand is why these things have strange numbers of strips in a box. Like 26. Is that a month's supply if you skip 4 or 5 nights???

Lately I tried the upgraded model of strip - it has four arms on it instead of two - that sucker pretty much sprung my nose and cheeks out about 3 inches in front of my skull. 

I'm only using four of those a night, instead of six of the others.

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