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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So, I went back to the sleep lab Sun night to test out the CPAP. Basically its like having a giant fan blowing in a tube up your nose all night. I'm sure I looked very attractive with the 14 electrodes on, broomstick up my ass, and 70s style fat kid braces head gear on holding the darth vader blower mask to my nose.

It was really hard to sleep with the goddamn thing on but I managed somehow. Very fitful. The good news is that it fixes the problem. My O2 levels stayed up where they should and the breathing stoppages, well, stoppaged.

Tomorrow I'm off to get my very own loser-blower and vader mask. I guess I better make friends with the thing, its probably going to save my life.

The very hot and lovely Nicky was there, she took good care of me, turning the blow rate up and down all night long. Really.

They have to find the right pressure level to keep my very large palate from blocking the life-giving airflow of life down to my air-sucking lungs.

Tomorrow I go lung- I mean CPAP- shopping. Good thing that the good government of Flusherville pays for 75% of these puppies - they are expensive.

On the other hand... it gives one pause as to why they would pay for them. Could it be that they keep patients out of emergency rooms and long term care facilities by avoiding heart attacks and strokes? Why else would the government show me this kind of CPAP-love???

I have more news too...

For I hold in my everlovin' inbox, a confirmation on Westjet to ride on, ride on, to the Holy Land Las Vegas, Nevada USA!!!!!

It will be a while but the anticipation is going to make this next trip super-duper sweet. We're looking at 9 weeks or so away and I can't fucking WAIT!

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