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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another sadly crappy Excalibur offer - Taken!!!

This trip is shaping up beautifully.

All the reservations are made - we're starting out with 3 nights at the California, comped.

We thought we'd have a bit of luxury in the form of the Golden Nugget for 4 nights - booked in at a measly $42 per night. In spite of heavy play there this summer, no decent offers have been forthcoming. But we'll give 'em one more chance. Mrs. F did manage to get a few nights comped after the fact so we expect that this foray into the Smug Nugget will cost no more than $100.

Then we're heading over to our old standby, the Four Queens. We've got 6 nights there - 5 comped on 2 combined offers which include $100 freeplay total, and some food too, and one night at $24.

That bare night will probably get comped in the end.

Then it's on to the El Cortez for four nights - similar deal there, with 3 comped including some freeplay and food, and one at a very low rate.

So there you have it,16 nights for about $150 out of pocket.

On top of all that, we've booked 2 nights at Excalibur, which comes with $25 freeplay and $50 resort credit. And, when I finally got into my MILFE account, I found out the Mrs. Flusher's play there this summer racked up about $100 in combined freeplay and Express Comps, so it was worth booking.

We won't be staying there though.... my niece will! Yes, I will be bringing a new Flusher into the Wonderful World of Fabulous Las Vegas!!!

Her whole life, I thought my niece had the stupidest name on the planet. I still love her, but honestly, who would name a child Lamondo???

Lamondo is studying to be a filmmaker. I think that probably means she spends a lot of time at weddings with her 'good eye' (one of them kind of wanders and is pretty watery) glued to a Sony Handycam. I don't really know much about it - but she did recently make some sort of a 'short'.

Isn't that what Larry, Curly and Moe made? It's 25 minutes long and she starred in it and directed it. I'm hoping for a director's cut that will be longer - maybe 27 or 28 minutes.

As I mentioned, my sister named Lamondo the dumbest name I'd ever heard - that is until she hooked up with her beatnik boyfriend Clevedge.

Clevedge is a kind of quiet guy, which is good, because you can't really hear what he says through the 10" bangs that hang directly over his face. He also sports some sort of dark, dark, dark Ray Bans in what look to be Roy Orbison frames. I think he wanted to be a poet, except it was too much work making things rhyme.

Anyway, Lamondo and Clevedge will be joining us in Vegas for a couple of nights, and they'll be our guest at the Excalibur. I suppose I could have sprung for a better room but what's the point in wasting a bunch of money on a suite at Caesars if you're not sure they're going to like Vegas???

Lamondo seems to like Clevedge, and he seems to like her, and together they are 'cutting' her film in L.A. I guess that's good enough for me and I'm incredibly proud of her.

And maybe if she gets famous in L.A., she'll have enough money to justify changing her name to something nice and simple.

Like Jane.

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