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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cash Back and Get Out - to the El Cortez

The BC Lions covered the spread and netted me $100. Woohoo!

I'd tried out a pretty easy-looking dollar Double Diamond machine Monday night in the High Limit area of the Four Queens, and it gave me back some decent wins, and earned a lot of slot points, and I'd cashed out even when I was done. So I decided to kick off my day by slipping it a hundy.

It played like a champ, giving me wins on 6 of my first 9 pulls. Never seen anything like it in a slot machine. I ended up cashing out an $80 profit on the thing after playing for a while. I have yet to hit the top prize on any slot machine and I figure the 800/1600 simple Double Diamond machines give me the best chance.

We played some video poker, getting ready for our move to the El Cortez for the remainder of our stay here in  Fabulous Las Vegas.

A trend started to shape up. This trend consisted of the Quadus Queenus Maximus getting plenty of four of a kind lovin' satisfaction (and not from me) while I struggled to get even one quad. In fact, by breakfast time it was 6 to 1.

My lone quad for a good part of the day.
We ate at Magnolia's as usual, me enjoying eggs and sausage patties with hash browns, and she enjoying her usual club sandwich, hold the mayo, and fries. Apparently this truly is the breakfast of champions. We each had Keno tickets to keep the degenerate action going while we waited for food. God forbid we should spend as much as 1 minute without gambling.

While waiting to pay, I spied with my little Royal Flusher eye, a woman with something that looked like a passport.

It was gold.

And it said something like 'Four Queens VIP Passport'.

All she had to do with that little gold passport was wave it in the general direction of any FQ employee and they would bring her whatever she wanted. Food. Drinks. A manicure. Chippendales dancers who can crochet, no pun intended. (A Chippendales dancer who could actually crochet up some nice doilies, as opposed to just being a talented crotch, would indeed be a Godsend in today's troubled market economy. Like a Keno win, it would indicate that anything is possible.)

After breakfast, she hit for $50 and 1 minute later another quad for $100. And 5 minutes later another for $31.

Did you know that quads come approximately once every 400 hands? Apparently nobody has told Mrs. Flusher this. And I was still stuck with my 1. I was wondering if I was suffering the misery of Quad Drought. This might require a trip to the medical anaesthetic dispensing unit.

The one bright spot was that my Keno ticket won $70. We've hit that 3 times this trip, which proves that anything is possible. Winning at Keno??? A miracle.

It was time to do our housekeeping at the 'Queens, packing up for the trek to ElCo, get our cashback, and see the host. I gave our buddy Jay a hug across the counter at the slot club just cause he is such an easy going guy. Then I hugged the other slot club folks too, lest they feel left out.

The cashback was much more than usual, because we've been playing more, and hitting the high denom stuff more. In my case about $20K in action netted $65 dollars or so. But the QQueen had outdone herself, playing through 50 thousand bucks in video poker madness dollars, and getting back $171.

Maybe for next trip Mrs. F will qualify for one of those sweet little 'I own the world' gold passports!

We visited the host and he picked up all our room charges, no issues. So far, the trip, in terms of hotel rooms and hotel foods, has been free.

Unfortunately, there is the small issue of my gambling results. But don't worry, some of the 'new math' comparing comps to gambling losses could fix that, or at least keep me from hurling when I think of it.

I also talked to them about the general Elevator Etiquette - lack of cleaning, lack of fixing elevators that won't go to the 14th floor, and lack of signage to indicate same to save my sorry ass from elevator frustration.

These buttons weren't cleaned the 6 days were were at the Four Queens. C'mon guys, we love you but this is not acceptable button-cleaning etiquette. (Note that 14 remains unlit.)
Time for a change of pace... onward to the storied El Cortez.


    1. Hi Flusher - Great articles - What do use for you camera? - just curious - great pictures - Hamal

    2. It's a Canon Powershot SD940. Very compact, slips in my front pocket. Very pleased with it for the last couple of years.

    3. Hey Flusher - The 4Q's has horrible super times pay VP, and you were really lucky to beat that 7/5 DDB machine. For a much better STP VP fix, I walk across to the Fremont where they have a bank of 8/5 Bonus poker STP - that will keep that $100 alive much much longer.

    4. Wow, I wish I'd known about the full pay BP STP. That is totally on my list for next time. I should have checked it out on VPFree once I got hooked, but I was seeing too many colors.


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