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Friday, November 25, 2011

Cavalcade of 100 quads

Another day in Vegas. What would today hold? Would it hold wins? Would it hold losses? Would it hold steady? Would it hold water?

Today it was out of the Golden Nugget, and into the Four Queens. But first, I had a nice little run on Bonus Poker in the morning hitting three quads in 20 hands.

We poked around a bit and played some, and then I went to see the host. I was glad to hear that she would comp all three nights at the Nugget, about $150 worth. I also picked up $80 in cashback from our play, so that was nice.

Tried my nicest smile at Four Queen's check in to try to score some of the Funbooks that come with some packages, but not our offers. We've managed this before, but the clerk said they've been warned off of this behavior, so nothing doing. We still have a number of these from our visit in the spring, so we have a bunch of 2-4-1 meals to get, but no more match plays. I do have another tactic to try to get funbooks...  more on that later.

Had lunch at Magnolias - our usual - club sandwich for the Queen, Country Fried Steak and Eggs (with country throw-up) for me. Sourdough toast, strawberry jam. Hash browns. $6.25 with players card. How can you go wrong?

Played a lot of video poker and hit lots of quads. It seemed like Mrs. F was doing okay, maybe making a bit, and I was holding my own. In fact, she was dealt Quad 4s for a $200 score on dollar play and cashed $500 out of the machine.

I cashed out $nothing.

I decided to give blackjack a shot and see if I could play for any decent length of time. Well, I got on an amazing run.

Partway thought I got a call from the Quad Queen who was playing here and there. She had something interesting for me to see.

A dealt quad on hundred play video poker. Mind you, it's just 5 cents a hand, but still, that's a $600 win.

I sat at the blackjack table for a full four hours on just a $60 buy-in. I lost my $60 but decided to talk to the pit boss about getting something to eat.

Score! Old-school comp. $30 at Magnolias. Not a bad deal, four hours entertainment and dinner thrown in for $60. Lots of drinks, too. And for the most part, really good dealers.

We decided to take a break, so we went to the bar to get drinks. Slipped a $20 each in the machine to get comped drinks, and I ended out cashing up even. Just for laughs, Mrs. F hit two quads, one for $62 and one for $100.

We did an accounting and she is up $700 on the day. Absolutely amazing. And she's played probably 6 or 7 hours.

Dinner at Magnolias was magnoliaificent - especially because it was comped. I was told I could skip the lineup with the comp but there wasn't one when we got there. I wanted to come back when there was a line so we could skip it, but was overruled due to hunger.

Had a nice rib eye steak, and the QQ had her usual club sandwich. I also had crab cakes. I didn't know crabs could bake anything, but these were delicious.

Mrs. F was pretty tired and went up to the room while I tooled around trying to figure out how to get something going. But in the end, I blew through my budget. I didn't want to go too deep so when $280 was gone, I called it a night. Mrs. F had taken care of the winning today.

The accounting said she was up $700 on the day and is now again positive on the trip by $25.

Meanwhile, I'm down $-280 on the day and almost a grand in the hole for this trip.

I really, really need a Royal now.


    1. Have you noticed how wonky those pictures are??? Drink service is quite good at the Four Queens!!!

    2. The photos really reflect (LOL) the way lighting on the ceiling puts a terrific glare on the machine screens in most casinos.

      It's one of my pet peeves.


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