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Friday, November 18, 2011

Cavalcade of Quads

Well, the quads kept coming. Mrs. Flusher's personal record is 19 in one day and she was on pace to match or exceed that.

Meanwhile, I couldn't hit anything to save my life.

We had lunch at the Triple 7 Brewpub - both of us having Philly cheesesteaks, hers beef, mine chicken. I had the onion rings and they were outstanding. But again, things are inconsistent at the 777. My sandwich was excellent, draped with molten swiss cheese, onions and peppers layered on - all except the chicken itself which was overdone on one side and hard to the point of being difficult to chew. I sucked it up and ate it all anyway, because it still tasted great.

At Main Street Station I had a nice little run on craps, making $56 on a buy-in of $100. I'd later dump that into dollar Treasure Chest, and then even more into triple play Super Times Pay. I did get one quad on that but 'in the end, they get it all'. At least from me.

We had the pre-thanksgiving buffet and draw courtesy of the California - but didn't win anything. Neither of us were hungry, being stuffed full of Philly cheesesteaks. I was sure I couldn't eat a thing so I got in line to prove it and came away with but a modest plate of short ribs, rice, fruit, and a few other things.

They gave away 20 prizes of $50, 4 or 5 of $100, and I think 3 of $250. Alas - nothing to help my budget.

Now that I am down $660 on the day, and $760 on the trip, I'm packing it in for the day. The Quad Queen is still down there bashing it out, looking for another Royal, bless her heart.

At this count, she's smashed her record and set the bar at 24 fours-of-a-kind today. Sure a lot of that gets played back, but some of the stuff she pulls would shock you.

Like playing quarters for half an hour, then switching to dollars and second hand in hitting a quad. Or sitting down at dollar Treasure Chest and after a few minutes getting dealt a quad for $140.

The last few she's hit have been really nice ones, and even without the Royal, I'm sure she'd be having a fine day.

For example, four 2s on 50 cent Bonus Poker for $100, and then four 4s for $100, followed by four 4s on dollar Bonus Poker for $200. The aforementioned dealt $140 quad. Aces for $100. It's been unreal to watch.

Behold, some of the quads, and a few other events of the day.

The Free Buffet that I wasn't hungry for, didn't want, and ate anyway.

Triple 7 Brewpub

This looked better in real life than the gooey plastic mess it looks like in this pic.

An actual $5 scratchcard - they do exist!!! We've had about 30 $2 ones and 1 $3 one.

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