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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dealt quads drop jaws

Another new day in Vegas, and today is the day Lamondo and Clevedge are driving up from L.A. for a couple of days as our guests. I'd booked an offer at Excalibur for a ridiculous $22 a night, which included $25 free play, and $50 resort comps. Not bad, even after the $14 a night resort fee clawback tactic.

Mrs. Flusher promised to keep better track of her progress and know if she was down a large amount from now on, so we were good there.

And really, on the trip we were still up $450 or something, so its not that bad.

The day started out at Main St. Station with the sun pouring in the front doors. Got coffee, shots, video poker, we're good to go.

And I started to bang out quads like nobody's business. In fact, I knocked out 6 of 'em before breakfast. And in fact, I had 4 more than the Quad Queen. Was I becoming the Four-of-a-Kind Flusher? The Four Flusher?

I had breakfast alone at the counter in the Cal coffee shop - eggs over hard, a mountain of hash browns, two sausage patties, and sourdough toast with strawberry jam. Coffee. Prices have gone up quite a bit there but we have a large backlog of points to use for meals at Boyd properties so I didn't pay a dime, save the tip. In fact, I didn't pay the same dime I didn't pay for the chicken the day before.

I found the QQ - she'd lost $100 in high stakes money, on bank of $1 video progressive Double Double bonus machines with a $7800 royal flush. It would be a fine prize if we could knock it off.

We girded our loins for some high stakes play, in my case, this meant the second hundred of my palty $325 so earmarked.

I slipped a hundred in and started playing, while Mrs. Flusher played behind me on a bank of quarter machines. Things weren't really going that well and it wasn't very long until I had gone through three quarters of my buy-in. It looked like this would be another disappointment...and then I started making little excited mewling noises and calling out for Mrs. F.

Because I had been dealt a very, very sweet hand - four Aces, worth $800 and change. Ho-lee shit.

Now came the fun part. Because it wasn't over... the dealt hand had a 6 as the fifth card, and I still had the chance to draw for a 2,3 or 4 card as the kicker. If I hit it, it would be a cool $2000.

What a great position to be in! I took my time, and actually, a small crowd gathered, some nice elderly Hawaiian folks to cheer me on, some talking about their similar experiences.

Finally, I hit the button and I wish I could say that the fireworks went off, but they didn't. I think the Colonel and Aunt Jemima had conspired against me because I slagged their food products. In any case, I got a boring 7, but had a very non-boring win.

An $811 win, to be exact.

I played a few more hands, as long as it was winning more credits, and cashed out when it turned. Not to be outdone, Mrs. F picked a machine of her own and played $100 of her high-stakes flyer money. We agreed that it would be tough to follow getting Aces dealt.

She played away for only a minute or two and on one hand, had a pretty crappy hand, just a lone Queen to hold. She held the Queen, and drew four new cards to complete the hand and our jaws dropped. Literally. Our jaws detached from our faces and dropped onto the sticky carpet so that we had no jaws on our faces because they had dropped.

Quad deuces on the redeal! I have no idea what the odds of this hand are but they are astronomical. I knew for sure that it was a sweet $400 win for the QQ!

She cashed out, we picked up our jaws, re-attached them, and floated out of there. It was time to check out of the Cal, and move to the Golden Nugget.

And we had a matter of $25 in Keno tickets from the chicken dinner at the Fitz that we hadn't checked yet.


    1. Loving every word!!!

    2. AWESOME Report Flush! As Blonde said, this is just like being there, love love love the detailed gaming info.

      Thanks for making the effort to update all the time!


    3. you must be having either a great time or a terrible time since the posts are slow in coming. I am jealous -- stuck here in NC at least 9 hours from the nearest casino. Keep the reports coming --you're my escape from my dull life. LOL


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