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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Free money from the El Cortez

The other day I noticed they were giving out free flu shots at the Methodist church a couple of towns over from Flusherville. I decided I like free things, why not head over and get in line?

I thought Chippy might like a nice ride in the car but I must have had the smell of medicine around me or something because she clung on to the stairway balusters like a virgin clings to her sweater on a first date.

I spent some time trying to think up a snappy metaphor and I'm really not proud of myself bringing virgins and sweaters into this blog, in relation to a flu shot. But the other ones I came up with were really not that good.

Like a politician clings to power... like the last survivor on the Titanic.. (I think it's too soon to joke about that disaster, we need to be sensitive here on this blog.)

Like a horndog Dane/Chihuahua mix clings to the postman's leg...

None of them were any much any good, so I leave you with the sweater image, and move on.

I gave up on prying Chippy away and did get over to the church and get in line. There were 5 info gathering stations and 5 people using them, so I sat in a pew. Not 30 seconds later, I got called over to station number 3.

Plunking myself down and whipping out my Ontario Free Flu Shot Health Card I said to the elderly volunteer, "Guess what, I was just prayin' that the line would be short."

She rolled her eyes, they rolled my sleeve and injected me with my seventh free flu shot this season. I'm sure this one will be lucky.

On the way home, I stopped to get the mail and this is what I found:

FREE MONEY for Mrs. Flusher from the El Cortez - $50 US dollars, to be exact, all for showing up in their Casino in the month of her birth.

Which just happens to be the main reason we are going down to Vegas in the first place.

We are already planning what to do with the winnings from that free fifty smackers. I can't wait!!!

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