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Thursday, November 24, 2011

High stake through the heart of the matter

Off to a good start today having one both of my football bets. The BC Lions will meet the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 99th Grey Cup game - in BC. Kind of cool that one of the two teams will be playing in front of a home crowd.

I'm going to have to figure out who I want to bet on - right now BC is the favorite at but the spread is 7 points.

Anyway that was $42 bucks out of the sports book and into my wallet.

Our morning Bonus Poker session was okay, the QQ hitting 3 Qs while RF hit 1 Q. That seems more like usual.

I played the last of my high stakes dollars in a $10 slot and hit - nothing.

Today was the day for some serious high stakes Video Poker action on the La Flusherina's part - she was going to go for it on the $25 Bonus Poker machine in the high limit area of the Golden Nugget, $125 a hand x 4 hands, hoping for lightning to strike.

First hand dealt Q 4 9 A 6. Oh great. What a stinker. Hold Q A unsuited, draw nothing.

Second hand 7 10 Q A 9. Another stinker. Hold Q A unsuited, draw... a pair of Queens for $125 returned.


Third hand 2 8 9 3 Q with the 8, 9 and Q suited. Possible straight flush??? I'm doing the math in my head 250x25=...  a shitload of money.

Hold 8, 9 and Q suited, draw... K of hearts, 7 of diamonds. Nothing.

Fourth hand 6 5 K 3 8 rainbow. What is going on, not a dinger in the bunch so far, just crap, crap, crap. Hold the lone K and pray. And draw..... another K for a pair. $125.

Fifth hand 7 A 4 9 9. Well, at least its a pair, even if it is a non-paying pair. Hold the 9s and get... 8 8 4 for two pairs. An actual profit hand. Returns $250, profit of $125.

Sixth hand 2 9 4 K 4. Wouldn't four 4s be sweet... 200x$25=... still a shitload of money. Hold the 4s and get... 6 K 5. Nothing. SHIT SHIT SHIT.

Seventh hand J 2 2 6 9. Replay of above math. Hold the 2s and get... A third two! Win $325! Is there hope? We think about how close she came to getting a quad... just one deuce away. I swear its like the casino doesn't want you to win.

At this point, she's back to even on the excursion, with 20 credits again.

Eighth hand hold 9 9, get nothing.

Ninth hand, hold Q, get nothing.

Tenth hand, hold Q, get nothing.

You can see where this is going, just like we did.

Last hand, hold a pair of 7s and... get sweet fuck all.

So how do I feel about this? It's a lot of money for such a short period of 'fun'. But it was 'found' money, a gift, to be played in this way. And it was the QQs choice. And she had a SERIOUS shot at some REALLY SERIOUS money (is money ever trivial?). And she took the shot.

You have to respect that. Because 2 months from now while I'm digging out my driveway which will be piled full of 8 feet of God's gift to Canada, snow, I won't look back and think 'I wish we'd taken a shot at winning something HUGE. Why didn't we pony up, show some stones, and do that????'.

No, I'll be thinking instead, "SHIT SHIT SHIT."

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