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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hot Player Hot Player!

Picture of Santa...
Thanksgiving in Vegas. Having had ours a month ago it doesn't make much of an impact, but I enjoyed all the greetings and well wishes we received from various casino personnel, and told them in return, to 'get stuffed'. After all, I'm losing.

Mrs. Flusher is a notoriously fast player. This, combined with the fact that Boyd properties rate your play on a daily average basis, has led to an interesting phenomenon. When we aren't staying at a Boyd property, but want to play in one of their casinos, such as the Fremont, we play without cards.

And often we play Pick'Em there, because other casinos don't offer the full pay version.

So, Mrs. Flusher pounds these machines very quickly, with no players card in, so as not to screw our daily average. And very often, she gets approached by a host to see if she wants to sign up for a players card.

This happened today, and we engaged the host, Lydia, in a conversation about it all, explaining our odd behaviour. We had a very pleasant talk, and it turns out the system (that is, the 'system' of all things casino in the Fremont) flags certain activities, and Mrs. Flusher comes up as a 'Hot Player'.

I think Lydia would like to have us stay at the Fremont and would like our business. And I'd like to give it a try sometime. And, to show her goodwill towards us Hot Players, she offered a comp to the Seafood buffet the next night - a $36 score!

This is the way it used to happen in the old days - a host would notice your play, and approach you, and you'd develop a relationship, sprinkled with love, littered with lost cash, and dusted with butter crab leg comps.

I felt bad about slagging the Blazing 7s promotion lady so much, because Lydia knows her and we talked about it for a while. So, I went back and revised the part where we said we'd pay $1000 to kick her in the *#$%*&. It's fine to be nasty when there is no personal relationship, but now that we are on a first name and 'free seafood' basis, I reserve the right to try not to piss off my new host.

This is going to be a short post, and I'll try to catch up when I can because actually, I'm sitting on the seats at the Verizon charging station near the 'B' gates - you know, the ones that can exert 10,000 pounds per square inch force directly on your sphincter. This is to prevent loiterers and it is working its magic on my very own Royal Flusher ass.

So where am I going - home?

No way!

This Hot Player has $100 on the BC Lions at -7, and I'm on my way to Vancouver, BC for the Grey Cup game. My cousin Piffles and I planned this a long time ago, and when Mrs. Flusher announced she was going to Vegas, with or without me, I figured out how to make it all work. Simple. A return flight from Vegas to Vancouver. So I'm out on the 1:20pm, and back on Monday morning - to collect my $100 in winnings.

Be warned that I may revise some posts once I get time to catch up - such as this one - to more accurately reflect reality - because I'm a day or two behind in my posting.

And you will really want to read about the singular worst and singular best streaks on table games I've ever had.


    1. When I play at the Boyd casinos, I'm more interested in building up Tier points rather than worrying about a daily average. Do you folks do the same thing at the California and MSS, as it seems that "points are points" whichever casino you earn them at.

    2. We're sapphire now and its a stretch to get to the next tier with our limited number of visits each year. We might be able to do it if we played just on one card, but since it is such a stretch, its not on our radar much. And playing two cards, we get two sets of offers, so we can often do two groups of 3 nights in a trip. I wish they would let us book them back to back - the Four Queens lets us do this, its much better for us not to have to move.

    3. I keep "squeaking" up into the Sapphire level, but the way points expire every couple of months, I keep slipping back. I've been getting the "three free night" monthly offer from the Fremont for a year or so now and have been trying to concentrate all my play at Boyd properties. As I mentioned, I never worried much about the daily average...any idea what kind of average is needed to get their attention?

    4. We're probably averaging 4K to 6K per day combined, maybe more. When we started being very careful with our daily average - either playing heavy on the card, or not using the card at all - our offers slowly improved. On top of regular 3 night offers with some food or free play, we also get invited to slot and video poker tournaments, some of which come with the famous 'Hawaiian Coupon' books - which cover all your food for a 3 day stay.


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